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Soup Project Week 11

11 weeks of soup! That's crazy! I'm working my way down this list. For the past few weeks I've been trying to do 3 soups a week. This week we only got to two.

First up was Creamy Coconut Green Chili Chicken Soup. This soup comes to us from the blog, Delicious Obsessions. This slightly spicy, rich and tasty soup was perfect for breakfast this week.
Green Chili Soup packed up and ready to go.
Given that we had a range of weather, it was nice on cold mornings, foggy mornings and rainy mornings. It wasn't an amazing soup or one that got awesome reviews from my companion, but it was tasty. I think actually it might have been better without the coconut milk, that's probably worth a try. One of the things I've learned during this #soupproject is that soups were you just dump stuff in a pot and let it simmer are great.This was one of those soups. There are definitely some soups from this list that will remain in a regular rotation, but I also am inspired to create my own dump and simmer soups. I hope that this project has inspired you as well.

The second soup I was able to make this week was Thai Coconut Turkey Soup. See a theme this week? Actually there have been quite a few soups on this list featuring coconut milk. This one is from a blog called The Endless Meal. This soup was a real winner at our house. I love green curry, it's something I order almost every time we go out for thai food. I was again surprised that my companion also loved this soup. Not that he dislikes anything in it, but it's not his first choice when eating thai food (because it's not super spicy). I actually realized as he was eating it and raving about how good it was, that out of the 27 soups I've made so far, he's only really refused to eat one (Sweet Potato and Carrot). Since I make a turkey breast every week to each for lunches during the week, I had some left over turkey to shred and add to the recipe. The green curry, coconut milk and ginger make such a great flavor combination. The mushrooms, tomatoes and bell peppers give the soup a variety of textures.
Yummy Thai Soup
That's it for this week in soup, let's see what we are able to accomplish next week! As I said, I hope this project has been inspiring you just like it has me! If it has or if you've also tried any of these recipes, please let me know! #soupproject


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This recipe should be considered a guide and you can change and swap any way you wish.

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