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Friday, March 27, 2015

Soup Project Week 11

11 weeks of soup! That's crazy! I'm working my way down this list. For the past few weeks I've been trying to do 3 soups a week. This week we only got to two.

First up was Creamy Coconut Green Chili Chicken Soup. This soup comes to us from the blog, Delicious Obsessions. This slightly spicy, rich and tasty soup was perfect for breakfast this week.
Green Chili Soup packed up and ready to go.
Given that we had a range of weather, it was nice on cold mornings, foggy mornings and rainy mornings. It wasn't an amazing soup or one that got awesome reviews from my companion, but it was tasty. I think actually it might have been better without the coconut milk, that's probably worth a try. One of the things I've learned during this #soupproject is that soups were you just dump stuff in a pot and let it simmer are great.This was one of those soups. There are definitely some soups from this list that will remain in a regular rotation, but I also am inspired to create my own dump and simmer soups. I hope that this project has inspired you as well.

The second soup I was able to make this week was Thai Coconut Turkey Soup. See a theme this week? Actually there have been quite a few soups on this list featuring coconut milk. This one is from a blog called The Endless Meal. This soup was a real winner at our house. I love green curry, it's something I order almost every time we go out for thai food. I was again surprised that my companion also loved this soup. Not that he dislikes anything in it, but it's not his first choice when eating thai food (because it's not super spicy). I actually realized as he was eating it and raving about how good it was, that out of the 27 soups I've made so far, he's only really refused to eat one (Sweet Potato and Carrot). Since I make a turkey breast every week to each for lunches during the week, I had some left over turkey to shred and add to the recipe. The green curry, coconut milk and ginger make such a great flavor combination. The mushrooms, tomatoes and bell peppers give the soup a variety of textures.
Yummy Thai Soup
That's it for this week in soup, let's see what we are able to accomplish next week! As I said, I hope this project has been inspiring you just like it has me! If it has or if you've also tried any of these recipes, please let me know! #soupproject

Friday, March 20, 2015

Believe or Not, It's More Soup

Skip is still moving along the soup list.

As I mentioned in last week's post, we hit some road blocks this week on the list, but they couldn't stop Skip! I moved right through with some minor adjustments.

First up, Chicken Bacon Crockpot Chowder from the blog Peace, Love and Low Carb. This recipe did pose a challenge for us. It calls for heavy cream and cream cheese. Right now, Skip is not doing dairy and her companion has an extreme dislike for cream cheese. The first thought was, well we don't have to do this recipe, let's just move on to the next. But then I thought, I can do this and just make some swaps. So, instead of heavy cream and cream cheese, I just used one can of full fat coconut milk.

The result? Delish. The coconut milk still provided the creaminess and texture to make this taste like a chowder. And let's face it, anything with bacon is amazing. This recipe was super easy because it's a crockpot recipe, so basically once you've assembled it, the crockpot does all the work. There is some prep work to do before you dump all the players into the crockpot, but as long as you plan ahead, you'll be golden.

Our next recipe challenge was a little different, the link for Paleo Pho didn't take you anywhere. I'm guessing that perhaps the blog, platefullpaleo either doesn't exist anymore or moved. Either way, I was without a recipe and thought, great now I really have to move along to the next soup. But I really wanted to try pho, so after a little searching I found a different Pho recipe to use. This one was from the popular, Paleo Cupboard site.
A bowl of Pho

Making Pho is a multi-step process and is therefore time consuming, but well worth it. For this recipe, the broth called for oxtails and beef knuckles, I had to settle for what they had at my store, which was oxtails and beef necks. I had less bones, pound wise then called for in the recipe, so I decreased the amounts of the other ingredients. I should have decreased the amount of water more than I did, the broth was a little "light". But still tasty.  This recipe called for the use of kelp noodles, I don't really dig the texture of them, so I went with rice noodles.Once the broth is done, the rest of the assembly is pretty easy. I set it up like a little bar and my companion and I dressed our bowls with the garnishes we each wanted. This was both fun and tasty. I definitely want to take another shot at it and try to get a better result with the broth.

Next up was this week's easiest soup, but that doesn't mean it was any less delicious. This tasty little soup from Colorful Eats was easy to make and easy to eat. The Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper Soup recipe was simple, roast some tomatoes, red bell peppers, red onion and garlic with salt, pepper and oregano.
Ready to Roast
Then, blend them all together and boom! soup. This soup was thick and very comforting. This is a nice bowl of soup to cuddle up with on a cold and/or rainy day. Isn't that what we all want out of tomato soup anyway?

While Skip's companion is not a huge fan of tomato soup, he did enjoy this soup, as he has most of the tomato based soups on this list so far. I'm beginning to question this supposed dislike of tomatoes...

Make sure to come back next week for more soup! #soupproject

Friday, March 13, 2015


Now that the warmer weather is starting to show up, I'm beginning to question my decision to attempt to tackle this soup list. I also seem to have hit a couple bumps at the half way point in the list.

The first started with the soups for this week, but I've also encountered some problems in preparing for next week's soups, but we'll get to that next week. This week, I had set out to do three soups, but one soup posed a problem. I could not find purple potatoes. Therefore, I am choosing to omit Purple Sweet Potato Soup from Balancing Paleo. Should I locate purple potatoes, I will consider finding the recipe and making the soup. In the meantime, it's on to our other two soups this week.

First up, for our breakfast soup this week, I went with Sausage, Zucchini and Spinach soup courtesy of the blog, The Texas Peach. This soup was chock full of veggies, zucchini, spinach, tomato, red onion, celery. They all make for a delicious combination with the sausage.
Yum. Sausage and Veggies.
But the real star in this recipe is the addition of ground fennel seeds. I love that licorice flavor that fennel adds and the ground seeds really stood out in this soup. What a warm and delicious way to start the day. This is yet another example of a "chop and dump" soup, you put all this amazing stuff in the pot and let it do it's thing. My companion is not a fan of sausage, but he did like the soup and the addition of the fennel seed.

Next up was a soup that I thought was going to be average but was really great. Lesson learned here: never underestimate the deliciousness of ham. The soup that taught me that lesson was Paleo Ham and No Bean Soup from Mellow Momma.  What started out seeming bland, cauliflower, diced ham and carrots. Turned into a smokey, creamy
Did I mention the ham shank?
bowl of wonderfulness. I should have known that the addition of a pork product would amplify the flavor of this dish. The making of the soup had a few steps, steaming the cauliflower, pureeing it and then combining with the other ingredients. When I sat down to eat this I couldn't believe just how much I loved it. My companion did not believe me. But once he tried it, he agreed it was a great soup. He might not have been as enthusiastic as I was, but that's just because he doesn't have the same level of love for pork that I do.

That's this week's soup news. Stay tuned for next week as Skip handles some hurdles in the world of soup.#soupproject
Empty bowl=delicious soup.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Soup for you

Well in this journey of 43 Paleo Soups, we've finally found a soup that not only did Skip's companion not like, but he actually refused to eat. That is definitely a first here at HOS, there are not many things that Skip's companion refuses to eat. The offender? Carrots.

This week Skip made 3 soups. Two of them feature carrots. The soup that was rejected was Roasted Winter Vegetable Soup from the website, Happy Healthnut. For the record, Skip really enjoyed this soup. It made a lot, so it was a shame that she had to eat the whole pot herself due to her companions protest. The recipe starts out with roasting carrots, sweet potatoes, onions and garlic in the oven.
Roasting veggies
This smelled so good because they were covered in coconut oil while they were roasting, yum. Once they were done roasting, Skip got her immersion blender out and smoothed the whole thing out. I am just realizing now as I re-read this recipe that maple syrup is listed in the ingredients, but it is never mentioned in the cooking instructions, therefore, I never added it. I don't think it would have made my companion change his mind, but it would have enhanced the sweetness of the carrots for sure. This is a thick soup, but adding a little extra broth or water will thin it out if you don't like thick soup.

The soup that my companion liked this week was, Orange Ginger Squash Soup, brought to us by the blog, A Calculated  Whisk.  This soup was a little bitter, but that could have been the acorn squash, sometimes they are a little bitter. The orange and the ginger paired nicely with the squash. This was a very silky soup and definitely gave you a warm, fuzzy feeling while you ate it. This was again a soup that required "passive cooking". I roasted  the acorn squash in the oven, which is nice because you can just put it in and walk away and do your other business, like fold laundry or binge watch your favorite TV program. Once the squash is roasted and cooled, the immersion blender gets busy again and them boom!
Orange Ginger Squash Soup
you've got soup. We enjoyed this as a nice mid-week dinner with roasted cauliflower and asparagus.

Our third soup this week, which also is a carrot based soup, comes to us from the blog, Elana's Pantry. Paleo Carrot Soup features not only carrots but also green apples and ginger, which Skip hoped would add enough sweetness, tartness and spice to make her companion like it. For this recipe, Skip's immersion blender did not seem up to the task. Perhaps I did not let the carrots cook long enough and therefore they were not soft enough. Anyway, I threw all the veggies in my food processor, but it was still a tiny bit chunky, so I returned to the pot and hit it with the immersion blender. It didn't get as smooth as it could, but better. I recommend sauteing the veggies longer and even putting the carrots in first because the onions started to brown and that's why I went on to the next step.The verdict on this soup, my companion actually liked it! He said the sweetness was what did it for him, so I guess maybe the maple syrup in the other recipe might have made a difference? He still said he didn't think he could eat a lot of it, but could tolerate small amounts. I found the soup very pleasant. But then again, I love carrots.
Carrots, Apples and Onions

We've got a lot of soup to go yet.We aren't even half way through the list yet! This snowy week here in NJ was great for soup, but soon it will be getting warmer! Skip made a commitment and she will finish the soups! Stay tuned, #soupproject
Carrot Soup with a lime garnish