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Friday, February 20, 2015

This week in Soup

The journey through the list continues. We hope you are enjoying the House of Skip Soup Project. We certainly are eating lots of soup and will be for quite a while. Which is why next week you'll see me make and review 3 soups! But this week we've got two.

gizzards and livers in the pot
Up first, Paleo Gizzard Soup, which was skipped last week due to the inability to obtain our main ingredient, gizzards. It comes to us from a little blog called, Paleo Porn. I was "lucky" enough to be able to find the gizzards through our friends at Local Abundance. I was somewhat apprehensive about working with gizzards because I had never done it before. They were definitely interesting looking. I chopped them up a little even though the recipe didn't call for that. Of course sauteing them in bacon fat smelled amazing. As I was
chopping and adding them to the pot, I thought, "how come some of them look different?" Then I realized I had gizzards and livers, but I just added them all to the pot anyway, hey, I had them, right?

After the gizzards were in, it was a simple recipe, add the veg and the broth and let it simmer away. The end result looked good. The verdict on this one was split. Skip didn't think it was awful, but realized that maybe this just isn't a taste she likes, her companion however thought it was great. He loved the unique flavor and found the soup very filling.

gizzard soup
Now, we are back to the right place in the list, taking us to the Paleo Cream of Chicken Soup. This is from a gluten free blog called, Eileen's Everyone Eats Right. I was also a little leery of this recipe as we are not usually fans of cream soups, however since there was no actual cream involved, I thought we might be ok. And I was right! When I started off it seemed like it would bother me texturally, but after adding a little extra broth (per the recipe tips) I found it much better. The thickening agent here is Arrowroot powder. The recipe has alternate instructions for using cauliflower puree instead, but I wanted to give the original recipe a try. Plus, we've had a lot of cauliflower already on this adventure.

Despite what seemed like a lot of steps, this recipe was not that difficult. You have to mix the Arrowroot powder with water to get it to thicken, but other that, it's similar to a lot of these other soup recipes, "chop and drop". Boy does this soup smell good while it's cooking. I did a whole chicken in the crock pot the day before and shredded it up to add to the soup, easy peasy. This was our breakfast soup this week and it really hit the spot. The chicken and veggies were so yummy and the flavor and aroma from the coconut milk really came through.
Cream of Chicken in the pot

All in all, not a bad week in soup. The Soup Project continues! We appreciate you stopping by, remember, you can let us know what you think and show us which soups you are eating. Use the hashtag #soupproject

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