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Friday, February 27, 2015

Still Soupin'

Welcome to Week 7 of the House of Skip #SoupProject

If you haven't been following along (why not?!!) Skip is cooking her way through a list of 43 Paleo Soups from the folks at Paleo Grubs.

This week was the first week that Skip made not 2, but 3 soups! Woo-hoo!

I was prepared to be underwhelmed again this week, maybe it was just a result of having made so many soups (15 total soups to date) already. However, I was pleasantly surprised that 2 of the 3 were real winners and one wasn't really our taste.

We'll start with our least favorite, soup #13, Lemon-Garlic Soup from Seasonal and Savory. I don't want to say this is a bad soup, but the may be an acquired taste. I like garlic and lemon, I think they are great together, but a soup that is basically just those two things is a little overpowering. And that garlic taste really stays with you. This soup was also a little challenging to make because of the addition of eggs, I scrambled mine a little while adding it to the hot broth. I'll admit I was doing too many things at once and did not pay as close attention to the soup as I should have. I don't think this affected the taste of the soup at all. It was good, just really heavy on both the garlic and the lemon which leads to a bitter and tart soup. It also was not a very filling soup. Typically I like to make a soup for breakfast that is hearty and can carry us through the day, this obviously was not one of those soups. If you like garlic and lemon, I think this would make a nice starter or addition to a meal. Verdict- not our favorite, but not terrible.

Next up is our surprise of the week-- Emerald City Soup from a blog titled, petra8paleo. First of all, I love the name, as the Aunt of a Wizard of Oz obsessed little girl, it pulled at my heart strings. I'm quite fond of the Wizard of Oz as well. Hearing this was a chilled veggie soup, we were skeptical, especially my companion. However, this soup blew our socks off! The flavors go so well together and are really amazing.
Emerald Ingredients
I will totally keep this on file and make it during the spring and summer! What a nice treat! It is somewhat filling enough for a meal, but would also make a good first course. At House of Skip we sampled it as an amuse-bouche one night this week. Even more fun was we then played a guessing game were Skip's companion had to guess the ingredients in the soup, it took him awhile but he got most of them (with hints) except the avocado, he didn't get that one. Each ingredient really adds to the deliciousness of this soup; the honeydew adds sweetness, the lemon and lime add tartness, the cilantro adds freshness, etc. Verdict- we were more excited about this soup then we expected to be.
Emerald City Soup

And lastly, our fifteenth soup in the #SoupProject, was from our friends at The Domestic Man. Pumpkin and Chorizo soup should have sounded good to me as I love both, but we've had so pumpkin that I wasn't expecting to be wow'd by this soup. Boy was I wrong. The flavor of this soup was just different. The chorizo and the pumpkin is a winning combination and the seasoning added to the soup don't overpower the other ingredients. The Domestic Man kept it simple with only the addition of cumin, marjoram and oregano. And of course I always love using my immersion blender which I whipped out for this recipe too, it really helped combine everything (onion, garlic) even though the pumpkin was already pureed. Saving some of the chorizo to garnish the soup with was a great idea too because it really have the soup two different textures. Verdict- Pumpkin and Chorizo are a winning combination.
Pumpkin and Chorizo Soup

I hope you have enjoyed this week in soup. Skip is looking forward to Week 8 of the #SoupProject. We'd love to hear from you! Keep tuning in for more soup!

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