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Friday, February 6, 2015

Soup, there it is

Welcome to week 4 of the Soup Project. As a reminder, the full list of soups compiled by Paleo Grubs, can be found here. Week 4 brings us soups 7 and 8 on the list, Grandma's Paleo Spaghetti Soup from Conscious Eatery and Gobi Masala Soup from Worthy Pause. These were two paleo blog/recipe sites that were new to me and I enjoyed learning more about them and will certainly try some more of their recipes in the future.

Let's get to the soup business. Starting with Grandma's Paleo Spaghetti Soup. I've got to start out by saying, what a great soup. Really tasty, very filling and just leaves you with a warm feeling. If you love a classic bolognese sauce, this soup is for you. I was worried about my companion's reaction to this soup, as he is not usually a fan of Italian sausage (surprising I know!). When he saw that I had bought it, right away, he started with the "I don't like that" and then I reminded him that this whole soup project was partially his doing and we have to follow the recipes exactly to provide an accurate representation. Despite his reservations he really loves the soup. And really, who wouldn't.
Spaghetti Soup
Cauliflower, carrots and spices oh my!
You've got great, rich flavor from the beef and sausage, combined with the beef broth. You've got nice, light veggies in there like tomato and zucchini. And all of those Italian seasonings really pull it all together. I will say that the soup is a little greasy from the fat, even though I did drain it off as the recipe instructs, but that doesn't bother me, I think it adds to the overall yumminess of this soup.

Gobi Masala, is actually, Spicy Indian Cauliflower Soup. More cauliflower, yeah! This soup allowed me to break out my immersion blender again! Hooray! The recipe instructs you to use a food processor, which you could totally do, but I much prefer my immersion blender for two reasons. One- it's fun. Two- it prevents me from having to transfer the soup out of the pot to the processor and back which makes more dishes (and who wants to do more dishes?).
Again, I got to experience the beautiful aroma of roasting cauliflower,
but this time with amazing spices like coriander and turmeric. It's really pretty after you blend it, it has a golden hue to it, which contrasts nicely with the red pepper flakes.

Pretty soup
Both soups were a success this week. The Spaghetti soup was meaty and filling, while the Gobi Masala was chock full of veggies and a warm, smoky flavor.

Stay tuned next week for more of Skip's adventures in the Soup Project!

*** You may have seen a post on our Facebook and Twitter pages asking you to share your soup photos. We would love to see what soups you are making and eating too! Use the hashtag #soupproject Thanks!***

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