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Soup Project- Week 5

Skip is continuing her journey through Paleo Grub's43 Paleo Soups list. I have to say, this week I found myself not that excited about the soup. Perhaps I'm getting tired of soup, or perhaps these soups just didn't excite me. Maybe the fact that I didn't need my immersion blender was a factor. Either way, I know I am not giving up!

Due to difficulty procuring an ingredient I had to do a switch-a-roo with the soups this week. So, instead of doing soups 9 and 10, I did soups 9 and 11. What ingredient caused this problem? You guessed it, chicken gizzards! That means you have to wait one more week to hear about how I make out cooking the innards of a chicken.

The soups I have to present to you this week are..... (drum roll)....

Smoky Root Soup which comes to us from The Nourished Caveman and the #11 soup Meatball Noodle Soup which is from the blog Health Starts in the Kitchen.

I had a busy week scheduled, so on Sunday I made both of my soups so they'd be ready to go whenever I needed them. I got all my ingredients and tools out and once I got over my disappointment that I didn't need my immersion blender, I got started.
Smoky Root Soup

The prep for the Smoky Root Soup was fun! That is if you love parsnips, carrots and beets as much as I do!
Carrots and Parsnips
Sauteing onions always smell so good and adding the rest of the veggies was great. After that it was pretty simple. The "smoky" part comes from adding bacon. Yum.

Pretty colors
There were so many pretty colors in the pot. But I have to say, the soup didn't taste as good as it looked. The beets were overpowering, and I love beets. If I were to make this soup over, I would probably at least double the amount of carrots and parsnips in it.

The Meatball Noodle Soup needed some more prep, in that I needed to roast a spaghetti squash. That's where the "noodle" comes from!
Roasted Spaghetti Squash
Come on this is a paleo soup, you couldn't have expected there would be real noodles. I made the meatballs, dropped them in the broth to cook and added the rest of the ingredients. Then I put the roasted and shredded squash aside in a separate container. The recipe warned against adding the spaghetti squash to the whole pot, because it could become mushy. So before serving it, I put a little squash in a bowl and topped with the soup. It was a nice presentation.

On taste, I would say at first my companion and I were not too impressed with this soup either. We were eating it for breakfast and it seemed to get better each day. I added some more salt and pepper, but I also think after sitting for a while more of the flavors started to combine. By the last day it reminded me almost of a stroganoff, I guess because of the beef and mushrooms.
Meatball Noodle Soup

Overall, these will probably not become our favorite soups from this list. But I'm glad we tried them and I'm sure I will be recreating them with my own twist in the future. Until then, I've got more soups to conquer on this list, including the gizzards! Make sure you check in next week to hear all about it!


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