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Friday, January 16, 2015

Soup is on!

What to do when you see a list of soups that you want to try and don't know where to start? Make them all!

This is just what happened to Skip recently, when we came across the list compiled by Paleo Grubs of 43 Paleo soup recipes from other bloggers. They all looked so yummy and when I asked my companion which ones he wanted me to make he said "all of them", so what's a girl to do? Start at the top and make them all. Therefore, I've decided to make 2 soups a week until I've completed the list. Care to join me on this journey? I'll be (hopefully) posting weekly with the recipes I'm trying and feedback on them. Follow along and maybe make some soups too!

Here is where you will find the complete list:

I want to make sure I give credit to not only Paleo Grubs for compiling the list, but also to each recipe creator every week when I share my results at trying their soups!

First up...

Week One:

Persian Roasted Butternut Squash Soup from Cinnamon Eats

This soup sounded so yummy from the start. I had never used dried rose petals before and was really intrigued by the idea. I had no idea if I'd be able to find them, after a few unsuccessful searches, it dawned on me that I forgot the perfect shop to find them! The Savory Spice Shop in Princeton and sure enough, I entered the store and asked the friendly employee who greeted us and he was able to locate them in the store in seconds (this was a short visit to one of my favorite stores, but it also gave my companion and I an excuse to visit our other favorite shop in Princeton, Cool Vines.)  

Butternut squash cubed and roasted
Rose Petals
The recipe had multiple steps but none of them were that complicated. And some parts (roasting the squash) were passive, once I had cubed the squash and put it in the oven, I could do other things I needed to get done. The most fun was grinding the rose petals in my spice grinder, the recipe didn't suggest this, but given that it called for ground rose petals and the pieces in the package were big, I thought it was best. Boy did that smell good! Once the soup was blended it smelled and looked amazing. A quick taste test by Skip and her companion confirmed that it was yummy.
Blended soup

We've been in the habit of eating soup for breakfast recently (it really warms you up on cold mornings). So, I re-heated the soup in the am and added a garnish of more ground rose petals to serve. The verdict: a very yummy, warming and hearty soup.

Pizza Soup from Paleo Girl's Kitchen

Sizzling sausage!
Blending the tomatoes
When I saw this soup on the list, I remembered seeing the post from Paleo Girl's Kitchen in the past. It was a collection of "pizza themed recipes", I believe I may have made the soup in the past, but as is Skip's usual practice, I adapted the recipe. For this "project", I want to attempt to make the soups just as the recipes are written, which could get tricky (stay tune for Skip's experience with gizzards!- eek!) I falsely thought this soup was going to be easier to "build" then the other one. There are also a number of steps involved in this recipe as well. The only changes I made, which weren't really changes, but rather alternate methods, were that instead of blending in a blender I used my immersion blender, and therefore I sauteed the veggies in a saute pan and not in the soup pot (because I didn't remove the tomato base from the pot). In addition, I also had to use packaged sausage instead of ground because my market was out of bulk Italian sausage, but I cubed it really small, so we'd get the same feel.

I don't think those small changes affected the feel or taste of the soup. As the delicious tomato base was simmering away and the sausage was crisping up in the cast iron pan, I thought- "wow! it smells just like pizza in here!".

I served this for a weeknight dinner, topped with crispy pepperoni (my companion's favorite part) and sliced black olives. Verdict- this was a very flavorful soup which was full of not only lots of protein, but also veggies (tomato, red bell pepper, onion, and mushrooms).
Garnished soup

 I hope you enjoy this first "installment" of Skip's "Soup Project". Wish me luck with next week's soups and with keeping up on sharing the soups on the blog weekly! :)

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