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And... it's Soup!

Week 3 of the Soup Project here at House of Skip and we are going strong! Two hearty veggie soups this week, that were not too difficult to make.

In case you missed the last two weeks, Skip has taken on a challenge of cooking through a list of at 43 Paleo Soups to Warm You Up compiled by Paleo Grubs. Why? Because instead of just making a few, Skip thought won't it be fun if we make all the soups! In order! Check in with me in a few weeks and ask if I still think this is fun.

First up this week was Pumpkin & Bacon Soup from the blog Things My Belly Likes. I was pretty excited about this soup, because I love pumpkin and bacon! I had to make a slight change due to not being able to find a fresh pumpkin, so that made the recipe easier by cutting down on some steps.

I used canned pumpkin, but instead of cans, I actually found some in a cardboard container!

The most fun part was crisping up that beautiful bacon. After cooking the bacon, you then saute the veggies in the bacon fat (…

Hooray for Soup!

It's week 2 of Skip's Soup Project and we are still loving soup! Check in with us a few weeks from now and see if we feel the same way!

To recap, the folks at Paleo Grubs compiled a list of 43 Paleo Soups to Warm You Up and here at HOS we thought, instead of just making a few, we'd make all the soups! In order!

So, in week two we have a couple of very yummy and very warming soups.

Chicken Vegetable Soup from Paleo on a Budget and Paleo Tomato Basil Soup from Bravo for Paleo

The Chicken Vegetable Soup was a pretty easy soup to pull together. The work really comes before hand if you plan on making your own broth, etc. During this time of year, I usually like to put a whole chicken in the crockpot with some veggies and water to make not only broth, but to have shredded chicken for recipes during the week. This practice fit right in to making this soup. The day before I planned to make it, I set up my crockpot with the whole chicken.

Then the next day, I strained all the chunky …

Soup is on!

What to do when you see a list of soups that you want to try and don't know where to start? Make them all!

This is just what happened to Skip recently, when we came across the list compiled by Paleo Grubs of 43 Paleo soup recipes from other bloggers. They all looked so yummy and when I asked my companion which ones he wanted me to make he said "all of them", so what's a girl to do? Start at the top and make them all. Therefore, I've decided to make 2 soups a week until I've completed the list. Care to join me on this journey? I'll be (hopefully) posting weekly with the recipes I'm trying and feedback on them. Follow along and maybe make some soups too!

Here is where you will find the complete list:

I want to make sure I give credit to not only Paleo Grubs for compiling the list, but also to each recipe creator every week when I share my results at trying their soups!

First up...

Week One:

Persian Roasted Butternut Squ…

Nashville in a Nutshell

Hello folks!

Skip and her companion recently jetted off to the wonderful land of Nashville, TN for a quick trip with our friends, Mr. & Mrs. Z. Here are some highlights, tid bits and recommendations.

Places to stay: We shacked up at the Hutton Hotel on West End Ave, not far from Vanderbuilt University, but also pretty close to Downtown Nashville. The Hutton is a boutique hotel and is very chic. We found it classy, comfortable and clean-- all very important. They have Nespresso machines on each floor, so you can get your caffeine fix, but you have to leave your room. However, there is a small coffee maker in the room as well with a decent coffee and tea selection. The highlight for Skip's companion was that there were speakers in the bathroom that allowed you to hear what was playing on the tv. The shower was amazing. Skip is not a fan of rain shower heads, but this one was fantastic and you could set the temperature and turn the shower on and off from a panel directly outside o…