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Mistral- Princeton

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to make sure that my companion and I made plans with some very dear friends of ours that we had not been out with in AGES! So, on a cold winters night we found ourselves in route to Princeton to check out Mistral, with Ike and Tina.

The restaurant is very narrow and feels a bit crowded, but the modern decor and large glass windows makes it feel a little more spacious.

Mistral is all about small plates, they encourage ordering multiple dishes and sharing. Our waiter was pleasant, a little soft spoken which made him somewhat difficult to understand in the loud setting of this restaurant, he had an accent, but it was more that he spoke softly that made him hard to understand. Mistral is also BYOB, so we came armed with 3 bottles. Two red and 1 white, my companion always likes to bring a variety when he doesn't know what everyone will be eating. And it worked out well since we tired so many small plates.

To start we each ordered an appetizer- I…