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Beer Authority NYC

Once upon a time Skip and her companion were in NYC wondering around after an event with nothing to do, when all of the sudden Skip looked up and saw a sign- not a metaphorical sign but an actual sign- that read "Beer Authority"- and then she thought- "It must be a sign (the metaphorical kind)". To her surprise her companion agreed it was worth checking out, but alas to their surprise and disappointment the establishment appeared to be closed, so they left... with the hope of returning one day....

Well, that day arrived my friends. Skip did not forget about this magical place that needed exploring. She even consulted an expert, our friend over at Geeky Beer Gal who assured Skip it was worth a visit.

When my companion and I returned to NYC for a leisurely trip, we took at break from shopping and walking to have a few beers and a bite to eat. I will inform you that the reason this place is named, Beer Authority is that it is in very close proximity to the Port Author…

Agricola, Princeton

With the holiday season behind us, Skip can now re-focus on the task at hand. I had high hopes of being able to maintain this blog and many other things (like my workout schedule) during the holiday season, but I did not succeed. However, the beauty of a New Year is a fresh start. And I'd like you all to remember that each day is a chance to start over, so don't let a bad day or a off moment put you in a downward slump, look at each morning as a chance to start fresh. Ok, enough of the motivational speech, after all you came here to read about my food adventures, right? Of course you did!

So, just because Skip hasn't had time to write doesn't mean she hasn't been filling her days with lots of food adventures, so let me try to catch you up.

First on the list, Skip finally made it to Agricola in Princeton. I had been salivating over the idea of eating there since I read the first article announcing they would open in the space that was once Lahiere.

A new eatery in o…