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Friday, January 10, 2014

Beer Authority NYC

Once upon a time Skip and her companion were in NYC wondering around after an event with nothing to do, when all of the sudden Skip looked up and saw a sign- not a metaphorical sign but an actual sign- that read "Beer Authority"- and then she thought- "It must be a sign (the metaphorical kind)". To her surprise her companion agreed it was worth checking out, but alas to their surprise and disappointment the establishment appeared to be closed, so they left... with the hope of returning one day....

Well, that day arrived my friends. Skip did not forget about this magical place that needed exploring. She even consulted an expert, our friend over at Geeky Beer Gal who assured Skip it was worth a visit.
Punkin Ale

When my companion and I returned to NYC for a leisurely trip, we took at break from shopping and walking to have a few beers and a bite to eat. I will inform you that the reason this place is named, Beer Authority is that it is in very close proximity to the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Upon walking in you immediately get that cool bar vibe. The place is huge and we were quickly escorted upstairs to a table for lunch. They have a very large wooden bar which looked cool too and I am told they have a rooftop deck/bar that is awesome, weather permitting.

The beer list is extensive and fairly impressive. I am still a novice when it comes to this stuff, but I have come to recognize some breweries and can navigate a list pretty well. Given the time of year we were there my companion and I both were in the mood for a pumpkin flavored beer, we were then easily convinced by our waitress to try the Dogfish Head Punkin Ale as it came with a cinnamon sugar rim... wow. It was very good and had my favorite thing about pumpkin flavored stuff- the spices. The sugar rim was neat but made my hands sticky- the beer would have been good without it. Given that it was an ale, my companion who is not a huge beer drinker liked it a lot. First up food wise was an appetizer that caught my eye immediately! Pork Belly Skewers!
Pork Belly Skewers
And oh my were they good. And how great is the camera on my Samsung Galaxy? Check out this photo. The pieces of pork belly were crispy yet still melted in your mouth, they were fatty and salty and everything pork should be.They were also covered in this amazing BBQ sauce, the sauce was slightly sweet and slightly smoky and was just great.

After our first beer, my companion and I were both looking for something a little darker and a little heavier. My companion is not as much into stouts and such as I am, but given we weren't going to have another he opted for something heavy (and with a higher alcohol content). So, my companion ordered the Goose Island Night Stalker Imperial Stout, it had a rich cocoa flavor and a beautiful foam resting on top, it was really picture perfect.
Goose Island Imperial Stout
I went for the Left Hand Milk Stout, it was smooth and creamy - it was just perfect. Now, while the lighter beer we started with cut through the richness of the bacon appetizer, I am not sure I would pair these beers with food in the future. They weren't bad with our meal, but they really stand alone, or maybe with dessert. Unless you are like my mom and drink coffee with your entree. :) Any way, we both got sandwiches for lunch. My companion ordered the brisket sandwich. It was awesome.
Brisket sandwich
The thing was pretty big and it had bacon on it and it came with fries, nice big, chunky, potato wedge fries. I ordered the Ham and Brie sandwich, which was equally yummy, it had cranberry mustard and came with the same great fries my companion had.

Our waitress was pretty chatty and even recommended the second beer my companion got. We enjoyed talking with her about a number of things, not just beer. And while this place is called the Beer Authority I am not sure they really focus on hiring staff that could be considered a beer authority, Geeky Beer Gal agreed with me on this. The staff is perfectly friendly and adequately knowledgeable but don't expect to walk in and "talk shop" with anyone if you are a true beer enthusiast. You'll certainly have a good meal and enjoy a few nice brews.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Agricola, Princeton

With the holiday season behind us, Skip can now re-focus on the task at hand. I had high hopes of being able to maintain this blog and many other things (like my workout schedule) during the holiday season, but I did not succeed. However, the beauty of a New Year is a fresh start. And I'd like you all to remember that each day is a chance to start over, so don't let a bad day or a off moment put you in a downward slump, look at each morning as a chance to start fresh. Ok, enough of the motivational speech, after all you came here to read about my food adventures, right? Of course you did!

So, just because Skip hasn't had time to write doesn't mean she hasn't been filling her days with lots of food adventures, so let me try to catch you up.

First on the list, Skip finally made it to Agricola in Princeton. I had been salivating over the idea of eating there since I read the first article announcing they would open in the space that was once Lahiere.

A new eatery in our area that focuses on fresh, local ingredients? Oh yes, I wanted in on that. A little insight on Skip's companion, he has to be in the right "mood" to try out new places like this. He doesn't necessarily like all the hubbub around a new place. So, we waited awhile, and then still didn't go a few times because we thought we'd want to make a reservation and not just "wing it". But one night, that's just what we did. It happened to be the evening of the day Skip ran the Trenton Half Marathon (what a reward!). We just decided we'd go and see what the wait was and take our chances. It turned out there were two seats at the bar and we opted to just eat our meal there- one of Skip and her companions favorite things to do.

We cozied up to the bar and ordered a couple of drinks while we took in the surroundings. The place is very hipster, but in a good way- not a douchey way. The bartenders are like farmer mixologists (apparently the uniform for the waitstaff is flannel shirts!- Love it!). I had an awesome maple bourbon Manhattan. If you aren't new to HOS than you know Skip loves a Manhattan, but what's better than a Manhattan? One with maple syrup in it. My companion ordered the oh-so-classic Sazerac. Needless to say we were having a very good time and our excitement was growing as we reviewed the menu.

I happily started off with the pickled and fermented vegetable plate, while my companion had to try and contain his child-like enthusiasm for the kale salad. The vegetable plate was both adorable and delicious- great presentation, lovely little pickled veggies all stacked in their own little space on the plate. If you love sour things, this is for you. This is also a good time to tell you that while they do serve meat, Agricola is a great place for vegetarians as they have lots of yummy veggie options. Which was not only the case with my veggie plate but also with my companions amazing kale salad that was super good. I did manage to get my fork in there without any bodily harm :). At this point we had finished up our cocktails and had moved on to wine. Since I am playing "catch-up" here on reviews, I don't remember what exactly we both had but I am pretty sure they were reds since I think we both had meat... but again, I'm behind so that is kind of fuzzy too.

What is not fuzzy is dessert, so let's fast forward to that part. Sweet Potato Beignets, have more delicious words ever been spoken? I am not sure they have. These puffy, soft, doughy, sugary treats ended what was a wonderful night out after one of my biggest accomplishments.
The beignets were awesome, truly awesome. They were sweet and just the perfect ending, they came with "frizzled" sweet potato strings on top and a drizzle of maple syrup for a touch more sweetness. We also ended the meal with a dessert wine to round out our beverage experience. I had a moscato while my companion went with a port. 

All in all, a wonderful evening was had. I am sorry there are some "holes" in my review however, so much time has passed since that evening and so many "adult beverages" were consumed that my memory is not functioning well. One of these days I will recognize that my goal of doing a review immediately following an experience does not usually happen and realize that I need to take notes! But please trust me when I tell you the meal and service at Agricola were both outstanding and I highly recommend you visit them.

Eleven Witherspoon Street
Princeton, New Jersey 08542
telephone +1 (609) 921 2798 - See more at:

Community Eatery

Eleven Witherspoon Street
Princeton, New Jersey 08542
telephone +1 (609) 921 2798
- See more at:
Agricola Community Eatery
11 Witherspoon St, Princeton, NJ 08542

Community Eatery

Eleven Witherspoon Street
Princeton, New Jersey 08542
telephone +1 (609) 921 2798
- See more at: