House of Skip

Friday, November 8, 2013

Baconery Cafe

Facts- Skip loves bacon. Skip has thoughtful friends. Knowing of Skip's great love for all things bacon a friend who saw a Facebook post from the Baconery asking food bloggers to reach out regarding an opportunity review their products sent it to her. Well, I hopped on that super quick and the Baconery wasted no time getting back to me. Within minutes of my email to them stating my interest I received an email back from them asking me to provide my address. And even better! Two days later I had a box of bacon goodies!

You may be wondering, as I was, what the heck is the Baconery? Well after a quick review of their website, I found that they are a bakery that focuses on bacon as an ingredient thus, a Baconery! What a grand idea!

So, what was in my box? Cookies, brownies, a mini pecan pie, bacon salt and a bar of bacon soap.

First up- cookies. There were three types of cookies oatmeal, chocolate chip and chocolate. The oatmeal was tasty, but not real bacon-y. The chocolate chip had a little more bacon flavor than the oatmeal, Skip's companion added,  "it's just a really great chocolate chip cookie". The chocolate cookie was super rich and chocolaty, again a really tasty cookie, the smokiness of the bacon did not really come through but it was definitely there. 

Now the brownies- from what I could tell there were three in the box. A regular, traditional brownie, a blondie and something that looked like red velvet (it was red) but it had marshmallows in it. All of them were good chewy brownies and definitely had a bacon presence. There were bacon pieces in in it along with nuts.The brownie was very chocolaty, the blondie, rich and creamy. The red velvet brownie with the marshmallow was my favorite, really rich and delicious.

Now onto that pecan pie. It was super sweet. On it's own it was a great pecan pie, very tasty.
There were bits of bacon mixed in with that sticky delicious pecan filling.

I have not used the bacon salt yet. I'm guessing it is probably super salty and maybe a little smokey. I would think it is more of a finishing salt than something to season your dishes with. I'll let you know when and if i sample it.

As for the bar of bacon soap? That is sitting on the counter waiting to be tried. I am afraid if I don't use it soon, my companion might try to eat it, even though I have clearly told him it is soap and not edible no matter how good it smells.

In the box was also a menu of items they have at the Baconery. It looks pretty good. Sandwiches, coffees, sweets. Might be worth a stop on your next trip into NYC.

Baconery Cafe
911 Columbus Ave
Upper West Side, NY
Between 104th and 105th