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Baconery Cafe

Facts- Skip loves bacon. Skip has thoughtful friends. Knowing of Skip's great love for all things bacon a friend who saw a Facebook post from the Baconery asking food bloggers to reach out regarding an opportunity review their products sent it to her. Well, I hopped on that super quick and the Baconery wasted no time getting back to me. Within minutes of my email to them stating my interest I received an email back from them asking me to provide my address. And even better! Two days later I had a box of bacon goodies!

You may be wondering, as I was, what the heck is the Baconery? Well after a quick review of their website, I found that they are a bakery that focuses on bacon as an ingredient thus, a Baconery! What a grand idea!

So, what was in my box? Cookies, brownies, a mini pecan pie, bacon salt and a bar of bacon soap.

First up- cookies. There were three types of cookies oatmeal, chocolate chip and chocolate. The oatmeal was tasty, but not real bacon-y. The chocolate chip had…