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Monday, September 23, 2013

Méli-Mélo of Greenwich, CT

After our exciting adventure in Amherst, MA, followed by a couple winery stops in CT and a night of food and drink, we woke up the next day ready to relax in Greenwich, CT. We headed to breakfast at this little juice bar right on Greenwich Ave. It was called Méli-Mélo, and had great big floor to ceiling windows that opened so it felt like you were right on the street. In an area like Greenwich with great shops and restaurants lining the street and a easy flow of foot traffic it was lovely.

When we arrived we were advised to seat ourselves. After sitting for a few minutes enjoying the view and fresh air we were brought menus. The menu at Méli-Mélo is interesting, as I am sure you could have guessed, being a juice bar they keep things pretty healthy. They have a variety of omelets, crepes and of course, juices.

As we sat trying to decide what to get, we watched lots of people come and go. Some were coming to sit for breakfast as we were and others were running in to grab and juice and head off to work or other activities. Service was a little slow, but not terrible. I ordered the beet, carrot and ginger juice and my companion had a fruit combination, banana grapefruit and orange, he's not as big on the veggie juices as I am. We opted for just juice and water as we'd have a couple of coffees at the hotel (shout out to The Delmar for great freebies). I ordered the fresh herbs omelet and my companion had the sopressata omelet. The omelets came with a nice mixed greens salad on the side, dressed simply with olive oil and vinegar. My omelet was lovely, perfect texture and with yummy chives and scallions cooked right into the eggs, really beautiful colors. My companion liked his omelet too, but was a little disappointed that the meat was laid out on top of the omelet instead of being cooked in it which is what he expected. It was a nice presentation with the sopressata layered on top of the eggs and it tasted good, but was just not what he thought it would be.

Feeling refreshed and ready to hit the store, we walked Greenwich Ave and visited some lovely stores, including a few chains and some independent shops.

362 Greenwich Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830
TEL: 203-629-6153
FAX: 203-861-9359

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