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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Elm Street Oyster House

For our first dinner on our trip to Greenwich, Connecticut we picked the Elm Street Oyster House. It was a  cute setting- it had a very seaside feel too it. It was small but not cramped. There was a nice bar area when you walk in and then the dining room was separated from the bar by a wall.

The person who greeted us was friendly, but over all the service felt rushed, they were pretty busy for a Thursday night, so that may have contributed to that. Our waiter was nice and did recommend some great oysters for us when we asked, but he was very short with us, not in a nasty way, he just didn't take his time with us. I feel it is worth mentioning, however it did not ruin our experience.

Elm Street Oyster House has a very nice menu, all the usual things you expect at a seafood place. What was nice is they have "daily specials" in which you can choose your seafood, fish, lobster, scallops, etc and then choose how you want it cooked, steamed, grilled, etc.

As you would expect, they of course have oysters on the menu, and as I mentioned we did ask our waiter to recommend some, so he recommended three kinds and we got two of each. They came out in a lovely presentation on a sliver platter with ice and each oyster had a label next to it telling us what it was. It would have been a good idea for me to write them down, but of course I did not because we were too busy eating them! haha! They were very good. Some of you who have read previous reviews (see Frontera Grill in Chicago) you know Skip is fairly new to oysters. These three were small and not very slimy which is a the way I prefer them. My companion can tolerate the bigger, juicer ones, but liked these too, they had great flavor. We of course were enjoying these with a nice bottle of white wine as well- they had a reasonably priced list.

In addition to the oysters, I also had a cup of gazpacho to start off my meal. It was yummy, very refreshing. When my companion asked me how it was I said, "like eating salsa with a spoon" but it wasn't just any salsa, it was also topped with a couple of sweet and delicious rock shrimp.

For our entrees, I chose the lobster from the daily specials and opted for it grilled, it was very good. It was grilled perfect and the meat was super sweet.
I got to chose two sides and opted for spinach and snap peas, they were both good, seasoned well. My companion went with the sauteed soft shell crab, it is always nice when you find it on a menu and it is not battered or fried. He said they were fresh and tasty. They were seasoned on the spicy side and came with mashed sweet potatoes. The sweet potatoes were also delicious.

All in all, Elm Street Oyster House was a great meal. We enjoyed the atmosphere and the food.

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