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Saturday, September 7, 2013

City Limits Diner, White Plains, NY

My companion and I were on our way for a nice road trip to hit a couple of cool places as the summer winds down. After a ride on the turnpike and over the George Washington Bridge, I had major heart palpitations. Luckily not long after that we arrived at City Limits Diner for some much needed coffee and breakfast.

As far as diners go, City Limits was hitting all the right points. They had the obligatory bakery counter in the front and large booths around the perimeter. We were seated at a cute little table and coffee and water arrived not long after we were seated.

There isn't too much to say about the menu other than it had the normal diner breakfast items. My companion got french toast which was made with raisin and currant challah bread and served with a vanilla bean apple sauce and of course maple syrup. The plate arrived with about 4 large triangles of french toast. The apple sauce was on the side, as was the syrup. My companion slathered the apple sauce on his toast and added a drizzle of syrup. He dug in and was pretty quiet, so I think he liked it :) The toast was big and the key is that they used good bread. I opted for the corned beef hash with poached eggs and hollandaise. My hash was presented in a skillet pan, which you know I thought was fun! :) The hash was perfect, it had those crisp edges, yet some of the potatoes were still soft, great textural differences in the dish. The hollandaise was not overly heavy and provided just enough tang to the dish. The meat was seasoned just right, with that salty flavor you want from a corned beef. The eggs were great too, you can't go wrong with a poached egg when you have a good hash. Cutting into that yolk and having it drip over the hash... so good.

The verdict on City Limits Diner? Good coffee and a nice breakfast selection. Comfortable seating and a nice break from NJ/NY traffic. All in all worth the stop. So if you find yourself on a road trip, give City  Limits a try. And get something from the bakery case, we didn't but it sure looked good.

200 Central Avenue
White Plains, NY 10606

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