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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Update- Alps Bistro

Back in September of 2012, my companion and I visited the quaint, Alps Bistro in Allentown, NJ and had a lovely Eastern European meal. With an out-of-town relative visiting, we decided to revisit this little gem with Skip's family. We could not have made a better choice.

You'd think with a big party you'd lose that feel of having dinner in some one's home, but not at Alps, it just becomes on big party. The staff was very accommodating of our 7 person (including one child) party and made us feel at home. The service was top notch as usual. The schnitzel was again pork, but Skip went with the Rouladen as it looked so good when my companion had it last time. Most of our party did get the schnitzel which this time came in your choice of 3 sauces, one that came with a sunny side up egg, another was Hunter sauce, which had bacon, red wine and mushrooms and the third was a pineapple peppercorn. 2 of the people in our party got the hunter sauce and it looked amazing. 2 other guests got the pineapple peppercorn and also enjoyed it. Our youngest diner got it plain and loved it, she had a lot of bites! Our final party member got another special which was poached cod in a tomato basil broth with orzo, it was a beautiful presentation and he enjoyed it.

We were again super full after all that food and just asked for a couple coffees. The chef made an appearance around this time to ask us how everything was and he brought us a plate of some delicious little cookies that had a lovely anise flavor. We polished those off and he brought us more! We whined and moaned we were full but ate them anyway! Our littlest guest was asked if she wanted to color when we arrived but she declined. Now, the chef pointed out to her that they hang the drawings from children on their wall and so she gladly accepted paper and crayons while we finished our coffee. She drew a lovely farm scene with a pig (perhaps drawing experience from some of the art work in the restaurant being that they have a couple of pig statues and photos). The staff was excited and proudly hung it on their wall with the other drawings.

Oh! I almost forgot. We were going to get the pate platter, but they were out of them, we ended up getting two orders of pierogies, one potato and cheese and one kielbasa and sauerkraut. You get three in an order and so we divided them up among those who wanted a taste. I had the kielbasa and sauerkraut and it was amazing. They don't make them in house but they order them from a  local company that does make them by hand. You can tell.

So, in summary- Alps Bistro is awesome, whether you are a twosome or a larger party, the staff and owners at Alps love to make you feel like part of the family and engage you in conversation. They are also extremely generous. That is two visits were we received treats on the house.

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