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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fuji Japanese Restaurant, Haddonfield, NJ

Haddonfield is a cute town. My companion and I have been there a couple times. They seem to have really great restaurants there and in the surrounding area, Collingswood is also a cute downtown area with great eats. We parked on the street, but there is a lot behind the building the restaurant is in that we didn't notice until we were inside. Fuji Japanese Restaurant is in a small shopping mall type building which has a couple of stores and another restaurant.

It is a rather small restaurant, but has big decor. There is a small sushi bar against the back wall and then the rest of the place is tables and booths that are pretty close together.

They have Omakese, which is a tasting menu and starts at $60 per person. We could not get it because you have to call ahead for it and we didn't do that as this was kind of a last minute pick. We did ask the waitress, who asked the hostess, who asked the chef, who said no. It was nice of them to ask, but we didn't think they'd let us do it. We'll have to go back specifically for that. Instead did our own tasting by ordering this and that off the menu. Our waitress was new, she admitted this was her first week on the job, she did pretty good considering. Fuji is BYOB, so we had them open our Riesling and we began to sip as we looked over the menu.

Here is what we decided on in order to get a taste of everything. We ordered one appetizer, a lobster egg roll and then we ordered sashimi to come as an appetizer, we ordered the super fatty tuna which was a special. Then we ordered a maki roll called futomaki- it was huge. Then we each ordered an entree, my companion got the Sea Bass and I got ginger pork. The entrees came with a soup and a salad. Forget the or, this place gives you both. So here is how it went down.

The bus boy/greeter/did everything guy brought us warm towels to wipe our hands with. The first thing to come out was our soup. It was miso, but with a clear broth, not the broth made from soy beans. It was yummy. Then our waitress dropped two little bowls off with cold noodles and veggies in it and said something like "this is the first part of your salad" we were confused, but we ate the noodle salad and agreed it was good, very refreshing.

The next thing was our lobster egg roll. It came already sliced into bite size pieces, I think we both got 2 or  3 pieces. The shell was thin and crispy, there was a decent amount of lobster in there and some veggies. It had a dipping sauce that was mostly mayo, so that was a no go for my companion, but I tried it, kind of like a tarter sauce but a little sweeter, it was ok, the lobster roll did not really need it, they had a lot of flavor.

Then came our sushi. So, the slices of fatty tuna were in the middle and then the maki roll was laid out around it.The super fatty tuna was awesome, often referred to as toro, it is the belly of the tuna. It is so buttery and full of flavor, we loved it. The Futomaki roll was large pieces, wrapped with a big ring of seaweed, then rice, then the shrimp and avocado, this roll also had tamago (Japanese omelet) which was very sweet.We enjoyed the roll. But we were starting to get full.

Then came the actual salad, which was lettuce and some other veggies (cucumbers, carrots) with ginger dressing. So good. Followed by our entrees which were served with a bowl of rice. My companion's sea bass was amazing. A really beautiful piece of fish, I am kicking myself now for not taking a picture of it. It was a decent size piece, lovely white color and an amazing crust of garlic on the top. He devoured it, but did share a little taste with me and it was definitely good stuff. My ginger pork was nice, really big portion, I could not finish. The sauce was sweet and sticky and so yummy.

We declined dessert and rolled back to the car. What an enjoyable dinner. We hope to make it back to try the Omakese tasting menu.

116 Kings Highway East
Haddonfield, NJ 08033
Tel: 856-354-8200
Fax: 856-354-8205

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