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Friday, August 16, 2013

An Overdue Shout Out- Fiddleheads, Jamesburg, NJ

Long time HOS followers may remember that back a few years ago, Skip and her companion ventured to a little town called Jamesburg and dined at a lovely establishment called Fiddleheads. We had a wonderful meal and wonderful service.

Recently, in discussing all the lovely places we've been to, we decided to start doing "rewinds" where we revisit old favorites to see what's up. Earlier in the summer we went to Fiddleheads and Skip just never got around to writing something up about it. But they deserve a shout out.

The owners of this restaurant are wonderful, inviting people and have a really great thing going. When we arrived, we walked in and were greeted by one of the owners who was also the host that evening. I said we did not make a reservation but were hoping we could get a table for 2. Not only did he indicate this was not a problem, but he remembered us! Well, me, maybe not my companion! haha! Anyway, he remembered that I sent him a link to the blog when I originally reviewed Fiddleheads, if that wasn't enough, he actually remembered my real, full name from when I made reservations- 2 years ago! He sat us at a lovely little table for two right in the front of the restaurant by the window where we had a lovely view of the street. To say we were excited to be back at Fiddleheads is an understatement.

If you didn't see the original review or don't remember, Fiddleheads is a small, quaint restaurant right on the "main st" of Jamesburg. The decor is super cute and comfortable. In addition to their normal, fabulous menu, they also offer a seasonal specials menu which is always exciting. Both the regular menu and the specials menu feature vegetarian options as well if that's your thing.

This is also a BYOB establishment (an HOS fav) since we didn't know what we'd be eating we brought both a white and a red. Now, you'll have to forgive good 'ol Skip as since it has been a while I don't recall the specials or everything that we ate on this visit. I will however post the original review from our first visit so that you can read that as well.

So, what I do know, is that we shared a cheese plate- Fiddleheads always has a cheese plate on the menu under their salad selections and it varies depending on what is available/seasonal and what the chef picks. It was a wonderful assortment of cheeses, nuts and  dried fruits. I cannot remember if we got another appetizer, but I think we might have because I do remember leaving there very full! I want to say it was something off of the specials menu but I cannot recall. I do know that I had the orange brandied salmon and it was delish! The salmon was perfect and the orange was refreshing and sweet. Neither my companion or I can recall what he ordered that evening, I think it was off of the specials menu and it could have been fish, but I hesitate to guess any further. I do know he enjoyed it as I recall us both sitting at the table stuffed and satisfied as we left.

To recap- Fiddleheads is cute, the staff and owners are wonderful and the food is yummy. Brian, please forgive me for taking so long to say, "Thanks" for remembering us and for being so welcoming. We had an excellent meal and promise not to take so long to come back this time!

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