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Fuji Japanese Restaurant, Haddonfield, NJ

Haddonfield is a cute town. My companion and I have been there a couple times. They seem to have really great restaurants there and in the surrounding area, Collingswood is also a cute downtown area with great eats. We parked on the street, but there is a lot behind the building the restaurant is in that we didn't notice until we were inside. Fuji Japanese Restaurant is in a small shopping mall type building which has a couple of stores and another restaurant.

It is a rather small restaurant, but has big decor. There is a small sushi bar against the back wall and then the rest of the place is tables and booths that are pretty close together.

They have Omakese, which is a tasting menu and starts at $60 per person. We could not get it because you have to call ahead for it and we didn't do that as this was kind of a last minute pick. We did ask the waitress, who asked the hostess, who asked the chef, who said no. It was nice of them to ask, but we didn't think they'd let…

Winery Hopping- Cape May County

In case you are new here, let me inform you that Skip and her trusty companion love good food and wine. They are also NJ wine enthusiasts. There have been a couple of new wineries that opened up in Cape May County, so of course we had to go check them out. But instead of doing it alone, we were joined by our fellow wine and fun loving friends, Captain and Tenille. You may remember them from the famous Philly Bar Crawl post from last year when we tried to hit all the spots featured on the program, Drinking Made Easy staring Mr. Zane Lamprey.

Skip and her companion woke up early, had a good breakfast and hit the road with the plan of meeting Captain and Tenille at the first destination, Natali Vineyards. Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans... of course we ran into trouble. Attempting to go a back way to avoid traffic, we found ourselves in just that, a terrible traffic jam that put us about an hour behind schedule. We alerted our wine loving friends that they should s…

Skip's Favorite Local Places.

It's been awhile since I did any reviews and so I thought I'd start with a recap of some of Skip's favorite places. It will be a two part series, starting with the local joints that Skip frequents.

While my companion and I are always on the look out for new and unique eateries throughout NJ and beyond, there are a couple of key local places that they rely on for a quick bite or low key night.

First up, Skip's go-to home town spots in Robbinsville. Centro, after a couple of other attempts, I'd like to think that this one will stick. Located on the corner of Route 33 and 526, as part of an attempt at a high traffic town center for Robbinsville, some of the previous inhabitants were missing the mark. But with a more balanced bar and dining room approach and family-friendly options, Centro seems to have become a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike. A relaxed bar scene, affordable menu items and good food are all part of the keys to success here. An outdoor se…

Paleo Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Skip's Tropical Treat- A recipe

My new favorite thing to do is take frozen fruit and whip it around in my food processor for a yummy dessert. Sometimes I mix fun things in with it and make tasty combinations. This one is my new favorite.

1 cup frozen pineapple
1/2 cup frozen mango
1 ripe banana
1 TBSP of coconut flakes (unsweetened)
*amounts are not exact, I just eyeball it, but to give you an idea this made enough for about a 1 cup serving for 2 people.

Put it all in the food processor, turn it on and hold on. The frozen fruit tends to make my food processor "jump around" a bit as it breaks it up, once it becomes smooth it will stop. Whiz it around until it is your desired texture, this one come out pretty creamy because of the banana. I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture. I promise to share one in the future.


Fruit and Nut Bark- Paleo Pen Pals!

In addition to going out for food and drink, Skip likes to cook and experiment at home too! So, when she discovered Paleo Pen Pals you know she was super excited!

This is how it works- you sign up and they pair you with your "pen pal" via email. You exchange addresses and other important info (allergies, like/dislikes, general info) with your pen pal and then mail each other some fun stuff to cook with. Obviously, given this is a paleo site, the ingredients you send should be paleo friendly and there is a $10 price limit on the ingredients as well.

I got paired with Rachel Ball of San Fransisco (! I sent her a box of interesting items and I cannot wait to see what she does with them! She sent me one of the most amazing things I've ever been given! Raw cacao butter! I'd never used it so I was super excited to dig in. I contemplated going savory since I thought that going dessert would be too obvious, but my desir…

Blue2O, Cherry Hill

One of my dining companions favorite things is good seafood. So, I took him to try a place that claimed to have just that.

Blue2O is a sleek looking place, with blue lights, nice booths and dim lighting. We were pleasantly surprised to find that this bar and grill features half priced bottles of wine on Friday nights, which this happened to be! Bonus. Their house wine is Cupcake, which is not my favorite, but it is ok and at $13 for a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, how can you complain?

We started with two appetizers. As many readers may have caught on to, my companion loves oysters and I am just beginning to appreciate them. So, we got an oyster sampler from the raw bar, which was 8 oysters. They were definitely fresh and definitely yummy, I love loading the horseradish on them! I am not a big fan of the larger ones as I find them to have just a little too just slime. But overall they were good. Our other appetizer was called Sriracha Shrimp and we both agreed were similar to the Bang Ba…

An Overdue Shout Out- Fiddleheads, Jamesburg, NJ

Long time HOS followers may remember that back a few years ago, Skip and her companion ventured to a little town called Jamesburg and dined at a lovely establishment called Fiddleheads. We had a wonderful meal and wonderful service.

Recently, in discussing all the lovely places we've been to, we decided to start doing "rewinds" where we revisit old favorites to see what's up. Earlier in the summer we went to Fiddleheads and Skip just never got around to writing something up about it. But they deserve a shout out.

The owners of this restaurant are wonderful, inviting people and have a really great thing going. When we arrived, we walked in and were greeted by one of the owners who was also the host that evening. I said we did not make a reservation but were hoping we could get a table for 2. Not only did he indicate this was not a problem, but he remembered us! Well, me, maybe not my companion! haha! Anyway, he remembered that I sent him a link to the blog when I orig…

Update- Alps Bistro

Back in September of 2012, my companion and I visited the quaint, Alps Bistro in Allentown, NJ and had a lovely Eastern European meal. With an out-of-town relative visiting, we decided to revisit this little gem with Skip's family. We could not have made a better choice.

You'd think with a big party you'd lose that feel of having dinner in some one's home, but not at Alps, it just becomes on big party. The staff was very accommodating of our 7 person (including one child) party and made us feel at home. The service was top notch as usual. The schnitzel was again pork, but Skip went with the Rouladen as it looked so good when my companion had it last time. Most of our party did get the schnitzel which this time came in your choice of 3 sauces, one that came with a sunny side up egg, another was Hunter sauce, which had bacon, red wine and mushrooms and the third was a pineapple peppercorn. 2 of the people in our party got the hunter sauce and it looked amazing. 2 other g…