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Vincentown Diner

In need of a late night bite to eat and still stay healthy, my companion and I ended up at the Vincentown Diner. Located on Route 206,  the diner sees plenty of traffic.

What my companion and I appreciate is their dedication to local products. We were greeted by an extremely cheerful waitress who was very patient with our delay in beverage choice.  Vincentown Diner's commitment to local extends to NJ wines! Which you know excited my companion and I. We decided on a Vidal Blanc from nearby Valenzano Winery. Diner menus are always make it hard to order because they are so large, Vincentown Diner makes it even more difficult with their great list of specials. I went with something called Chicken Kalamata, which was chicken breasts topped with garlic, olives and tomatoes, served over spinach. It was supposed to come with mashed potatoes but I subbed them with beet salad, you know how I love my beets :). My dining companion ordered fried oysters and subbed regular fries for sweet potato fries. Both entrees came with soup or salad, we chose salads.

And they were great salads, mixed greens, shaved red onion, grape tomatoes and the best part? Fresh cranberries, yes not dried cranberries but actual fresh Jersey cranberries. We sipped our wine while enjoying our salads with oil and vinegar. Next came our entrees which came out looking fabulous, different from your typical diner fare. My chicken was cooked perfectly and the salty olives were perfect with the sweet tomatoes. And the beet salad? Yum-o! My companion gobbled up his fried oysters and sweet potato fries, it really hit the spot for him after a long day of tax returns.

If you are looking for the relaxing atmosphere of a diner but above average food, Vincentown Diner is your place. There are so many great things on the menu, plus NJ wines and a great beer list too. Don't just take my word for it take a road trip down 206 and stop for bite and a sip at Vincentown Diner.


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