House of Skip

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ploy Siam, Robbinsville

My companion and I have visited Ploy Siam in Foxmoor Shopping Center a number of times. And we continue to go back because not only is it close to our home, but it is also really yummy.

The only complaint is that the service is often very slow. The staff is really super nice and accommodating and very apologetic about the slowness. After several visits with the same issue, we think it has to do with a couple issues. The kitchen seems to be the cause of the slowness, it seems to take awhile for things to come out. Also, they seem to be understaffed and rather than one waiter or waitress being assigned to each table, they just kind of serve all the tables.

When it comes to Thai cuisine, my companion and I love the spicy, flavorful soup, Tom Yum Koong. It is a spicy and sour broth with kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, and chili paste, with tomatoes, mushrooms and shrimp. The heat and citrus make it a nice clean taste with a kick. I'm convinced it will cure any cold, in fact after this most recent trip to Ploy Siam, we vowed to eat the soup once a week all winter and see if we can avoid getting sick!

We waited a long time for the soup after we ordered, it was bordering on ridiculous, but it was so worth the wait. One of the waiters told us that the kitchen was really backed up. It was astonishing given the place was busy, but not packed, there wasn't even a wait for a table. The presentation of the soup is almost as awesome as the soup itself, a large order (good for two) comes in a large soup bowl and we each got our own little soup bowl. The plates and bowls at Ploy Siam are very simple and basic, white with just a little design, really pretty. We did not have to wait as long for our entrees.

I of course could not go without ordering my favorite thai dish ever, green curry. I got the green curry with seafood. It is so yummy, I love the spice and the creaminess of the coconut milk. The veggies were perfect, still a little crisp to the broccoli and sugar snap peas. The seafood combination consisted of scallops, shrimp, calamari, and mussels. All were very delicious in the beautiful green curry sauce. My companion branched out and got the Plum Duck. It was a half duck (de-boned) served crispy with a beautiful reddish plum sauce, really the sauce was an amazing color and the duck was smothered in it. My companion thoroughly enjoyed it, making sure to sop up the sauce with some of the rice served with it!

All of these wonderfully spicy and delicious things went perfectly with our floral Sauvignon Blanc wine that we had brought, as Ploy Siam is a BYOB, again another plus for us.

To summarize:

Pros: close to home, yummy food, BYOB, inexpensive.

Cons: slow service.