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Sunday, August 26, 2012

How to get drunk in St. Michaels, MD (Part Two)

After our lunch at Ava's we stopped by a shop called Candleberry, had an amusing conversation with the shop owner and bought a couple of candles. Having had enough shopping we headed back to the Inn at Perry Cabin. The Inn is beautiful, really intimate space, friendly staff. We thought we might get rain that day, but since we did not, we thought we'd take the opportunity to sit by the pool and relax. We put on our suits and headed out to the pool area. It was a very inviting infinity pool with chaise lounges lining the patio and just our luck there was a bar!

We got comfortable in our lounge chairs, ready to soak up some rays and my companion was off to the bar to scope out drinks. I courageously left the decision in his hands. He came back with a frozen, mango mojito. It was a bright orange color and looked really refreshing and it was. Perfect for a hot day, ice cold, sweet, and minty! We sipped our drinks, took a dip in the pool, basked in the beautiful sun, oh it was wonderful. It was so nice out that when we were done the first drink we thought, ah why not one more? This time I ventured up to the bar, which was a cute caribbean style white building with shutters and an awning, there was seating under the cover of the awning and they did serve small plates out there too. I ordered myself the same drink because I thought it was super yummy but my companion wanted something different. The bartender suggested a frozen margarita, it seems appropriate in this setting so that's what he got. There were three bartenders working back there and they were all very friendly. We enjoyed our second drink and a few more dips in the pool before heading back to our room to rest before dinner (see previous post on Bartlett Pear Inn).

After a nice rest back in our room, we headed into Easton to walk around and maybe get a drink before dinner. When we parked we noticed Bannings Tavern, which was someplace we'd considered for dinner during our pre-vacation research. Since we chose Bartlett Pear instead we thought it was a good idea to stop in there for pre-dinner drinks. Turns out they have a great beer selection, so we were back to beer. It was packed when we walked in and so we were standing at the bar. I ordered an Old Dominion Oak Barrel Stout, it was dark and slightly creamy, but not too heavy. Now if you read Part One of this post, you know that we'd had a lot to drink at this point. So, I don't really recall what my companion started with except that it was a Yards and he had asked the bartender to "give me something you think is good" which he is famous for doing and thinks it's cool, I think it's annoying, but it seems to have worked well for him so far. As we were drinking our first beer, seats opened up and we sat down, a group of nice older gentleman had moved down so we could both sit. We later learned as we sat there longer and talked to the one man that one of the others was the owner and they were all his friends. It was nice to sit and chat with this "local" and learn a little about the area. I had moved on to a lighter beer, though for the life of me I cannot recall what it was. While my companion had begun taking part in something that other bar patrons were doing, he purchased "wooden nickels" and he could turn each one in for a sample size beer, so he really go to try a lot of what they had on tap, but I bet you by now he couldn't tell us what they were.

When it was time for us to head to dinner, we said our goodbyes and strolled down the lovely streets of Easton.

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