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How to get drunk in St. Michaels, MD (Part One)

So, I've told you about some great places to eat in St. Michaels and the surrounding area and I've alluded to our other activities. But let me tell you about some great places to visit in St. Michaels.

Starting our day with breakfast at Sherwood Landing restaurant at our hotel, The Inn at Perry Cabin. The Inn was beautiful, our room, which had a loft was cozy and super cute. A short walk to the patio was the start of a wonderful day. My companion had coffee, but despite my love for coffee, I was really in the mood for tea and so I had a jasmine tea which was incredibly floral and light. There is nothing better than breakfast with a view of the water and as we watched boats come and go we enjoyed a breakfast that would take us through the day. I chose something called the BLT with farm fresh eggs. Bacon, roasted tomatoes and a fried egg on brioche toast. YUM. It was a great breakfast. My companion was feeling sweet and had the bananas foster waffle. What's not to like? A giant delicious waffle topped with bananas, pecans and maple caramel syrup? Oye. He enjoyed every bite.

A nice walk around the grounds followed our leisurely breakfast. We then took a walk up the main street of St. Michaels, Tablot St. We hit a couple of cute gift shops, enjoyed the neighborhood and then stopped by St. Michaels Winery. There tastings are offered in flights, white, red or sweet. I chose red and my companion chose the whites, but we tasted each others so we really got a feel for the wines. The tasting room was pretty busy considering they had just opened and it was only noon. Their whites were pretty good. The reds were ok. We also tried their chocolate zinfandel which sounds really good and has a unique taste, but the chocolate flavor has a little bit of an artificial after taste which I did not like. The tasting room is adorable and their dry wines are pretty good. The woman helping us with our tasting told us that the sweeter wines are big sellers and that they buy the grapes from Welch's! Haha! It's grape juice people! But to each their own.

We left the winery with the intention of hitting some more shops and then having lunch, but got distracted by the big barn like building next door to the winery tasting room. What distracted us? A big sign that simply said, BEER. We stopped, looked at the sign, looked at each other, said "ok" in unison and walked in. I noted on the way in that there was an old fashioned red, British style phone booth outside the entrance so they must be cool. I was not wrong, of course I rarely am :) Just ask my companion! This magical place we had wandered into was Eastern Shore Brewing. Their tasting room was super cool and eclectic, wooden bar, mix of antique Victorian furniture and lounge seating that could have been stolen from Hefner's house.

There was another couple in the room sitting in the lounge area, they had two beautiful dogs with them. My companion and I sat at the bar. The man behind the bar told us that they had 3 beers available to taste and for $5 we could taste those three plus have a second taste of our two favorites of the 3. Sounds good to me. We sat, enjoyed the beers, talked with the bartender and the other couple. The beers were great. We had the St. Michaels Ale that we'd had at St. Michaels Crab and Steak the night before, plus a Magic Hefeweizen, which was indeed magical. Had a creaminess to it but was still somewhat light, I chose it as one of my repeats. Delish. The third beer available was a Belgian Golden Ale and was the highest alcohol content of the three, it was also very good but definitely dangerous if you have too many. Eastern Shore Brewing was impressive, they brew onsite and have a unique tasting room, we were bummed that they do not sell their beer anywhere that we could get it at home. But if you are in the area you can visit them and buy growlers to take home. Once we paid our tab and said good bye to our new friends, we headed back out onto Talbot to seek out lunch (see previous blog about Ava's Wine Bar).

We were having a blast but we weren't done yet. To be continued.....


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