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Friday, August 24, 2012

Bartlett Pear Inn, Easton, MD

After our day of shopping, sitting poolside and drinking we decided for dinner to take a drive back to Easton, MD. We'd heard wonderful things about Bartlett Pear Inn and so we made a reservation before our trip. We arrived a few minutes early and our table was not ready, but we were encouraged to enjoy a drink at the bar. Now, we'd had a wine tasting, a beer tasting, drinks at the pool and a couple beers at nearby Bannings Tavern, but we were on vacation, so more drinks!

The bar at Bartlett Pear Inn was small and cozy, our bartender, Justin, was a true mixologist and we had a great time watching him make drinks and chat with the waitstaff as they came in and out of the bar. I had a lovely peach bellini and my companion had the classic sazerac which was made with rhubarb syrup that made fresh on site. Both were yummy and eventually we were seated at our table.

The Bartlett Pear Inn is quaint, like most things in Easton, situated in an actual Inn which was probably built sometime in the 1700 or 1800s, the rooms were small and had lovely old wood floors and decorative modeling throughout. The menu was equally impressive. We each had a glass of wine, my companion choosing a Sauvigon Blanc since he was ordering seafood and I choose a Malbec to go with my meat dish.

For starters, I had a lovely garlic soup with pork belly and thinly sliced potatoes, while my companion had a nice ceviche. My soup was soft and velvety, the garlic was not overwhelming, but had a nice roasted flavor. You can never go wrong with pork belly, it was crispy and tasty, perfect with the soup.The ceviche was fresh with lots of citrus flavor, judging by my companions reaction I'd say it was good.

We'd had a lot to drink that day and were really looking forward to a good dinner. We were not disappointed by the entrees at Bartlett Pear Inn. I had a delicious beef wellington. It was perfection. Golden pastry crust, perfectly done beef, a wonderful rich wine sauce on top. It was classic and classy, I enjoyed and savored every bite. My companion was equally wow'd by his scallops. How many times can I describe perfect scallops on this blog? Perfect crust on the outside, soft and sweet in the middle, tastes like the sea. Paired with fresh veggies, it was a perfect meal.

What could make this night better? Dessert! If you are a regular reader here at HOS, you know my companion and I do not always eat dessert. Since this was a vacation and we'd had such a great day, we thought, heck let's have some sweets! What a good decision. I had the chocolate tart and my companion had the peach tart. Typical. Both tarts started with a buttery crust, mine was filled with amazing chocolate mousse and topped with silky chocolate ice cream. Heaven. My companion's tart was brimming with fresh, delicious, sweet peaches and topped with vanilla ice cream. There was silence, well maybe a few moans, as we devoured our desserts.

From drinks in the cozy but modern bar to dinner in the quaint, historic dining room this evening at Bartlett Pear Inn was superb. Go there.

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