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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Breakfast in Chicago

There are just as many choices for breakfast/brunch in Chicago as there are lunch and dinner spots. Our search led us to two to great places.

The first was, Over Easy, on a block where there isn't much other than houses and a laundry mat, the only way we found Over Easy was because of the large crowd waiting outside.

Always a good sign that the food is on point, we didn't mind the 30 minute wait, especially since they had free coffee out front for those waiting. The decor in Over Easy was adorable, one wall was covered completely in white, plastic eggs.

The menu was just as interesting. Of course we had more coffee once we were seated and then had the difficult task of choosing from their creative breakfast/brunch menu.

They have your standard eggs any way, omelets, scrambles, pancakes, french toast. But they also have some interesting twists like blueberry crunch pancakes that have granola in them. They also have a special menu that changes weekly. My companion and I both happened to order items from that menu. Mine was a take on Eggs Benedict that was served over an English Muffin of course, but also had beets on it. It was really unique, really fresh and really tasty. My companion got an omelet that had ham and some veggies in it, he also commented on the freshness of the ingredients and really enjoyed it.

We were both impressed with the service and the charm of Over Easy so make sure you stop in next time you are in Chicago.

Our second great breakfast find in the Windy City was The Original Pancake House. With several locations around the US, The Original Pancake House is known for their "dutch baby" and their apple pancakes. On of their locations just happened to be within walking distance of our hotel, so we thought we'd give it a try.

They have an extensive list of pancake options, as well as eggs, waffles and crepes. We sat outside which was nice on the lovely morning that we were there. We did not try a "dutch baby" which is extremely large and puffy, it looked delicious but we thought we'd stick with pancakes. I was so intrigued by the bacon pancakes that I could not say no. And they were awesome. It would be difficult to eat a lot of them and they are probably something you only need to try once, but I am so glad I did. If you love bacon (and come on, doesn't everyone?) then you will love them. They are nice, fluffy, airy pancakes, filled (and I mean FILLED) with crispy, beautiful bits of bacon. With just a little syrup they were perfect. My companion opted to go the fruit route, I suppose trying to feel better about his pancake indulgence. He ordered the banana pancakes and they were equally delicious and full of banana goodness.

We left there completely stuffed and did some more walking to try and make those pancakes disappear. :) If you aren't into bacon or bananas you should be shot, no, no, I kid, there are plenty of other options for pancake or other breakfast stuffs at The Original Pancake House so try one of their many locations for yourself:

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