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Thursday, June 21, 2012


A while ago, I learned of a guy making t-shirts and stickers with the phrase Eat More Kale on them and I was like "wow, I love kale, I need those!". And upon going through the process of finding Robert Muller Moore's website I found out more about him and learned some shocking stuff that he is going through.

If you live in an area where the fast food chain, Chik-Fil-A exists you may be familiar with their slogan and signs (including a cow) that read, "Eat Mor Chikin". So, they have been fighting to keep Robert from using the phrase Eat More Kale as they believe it is too similar to their slogan.

I support the Eat More Kale website, I'm a fan on facebook and I try to follow the story as best I can. Recently, I saw another blogger share a post about this struggle, including the Letter of Protest (see end of this post for reference) that Chik-Fil-A submitted, as I began to read it, I became very annoyed. Chik-Fil-A claims that because they believe the phrases are too similar that "consumers who encounter Eat More Kale will be confused". They believe that the American public is too stupid to realize that Kale and Chicken are too different things. They further argue that consumers will think they have expanded what they offer to include Kale (oh the horrors!) or that the products made by Robert Muller Moore will be assumed to be made by Chik-Fil-A because of the similar phrasing.

Ok, here's my attempt to clarify this:
Photo A
Photo A is of _____________

Photo B
Photo B is of _____________

If you answered that A is a photo of Chickens and B is a photo of Kale then you are correct. And are smarter than Chik-Fil-A, who doesn't even spell the word Chicken correctly in their slogan, thinks you are. So, just to make sure we are clear I'll also show you exhibits of the products in different states.

 This is a cooked chicken:                                                       This is kale picked and ready to be used:


This is chicken as you might see it at Chik-Fil-A:
This is Kale as you might see it at my house:
And yet, even though many of us know the difference between Chicken (even when it is spelled Chikin) and Kale, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has decided that Eat More Kale is likely to cause consumer confusion. 

Even the Government thinks the average consumer can't tell that these two items come from different sources.

I think this is insane. First of all stop eating at Chik-Fil-A, it is fast food and is making America unhealthy, second they insult the intelligence of our population and encourage misspelling to our youth with their Eat Mor Chikin slogan, I'd like to sue them for that! Second, Robert Muller Moore making t-shirts, stickers, and other products is aimed at encouraging a HEALTHY lifestyle, why is that frowned upon and being punished? After all, the creation of this slogan came from someone asking Robert to make such a shirt because of how much they love kale.

I beg you America, EAT MORE KALE. And yes, Eat More Chicken, but not from Chik-Fil-A, buy free range, vegetarian fed chicken products and stop eating fast food. If not for your health than at least because they have insulted your intelligence.

Ok, I'm done. This rant has been approved by The House of Skip. Thank you that will be all.

Visit this blog to see the link to the Letter of Protest and more facts around the case:

Follow this link to read the United States Patent and Trademark Office's response:


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Breakfast in Chicago

There are just as many choices for breakfast/brunch in Chicago as there are lunch and dinner spots. Our search led us to two to great places.

The first was, Over Easy, on a block where there isn't much other than houses and a laundry mat, the only way we found Over Easy was because of the large crowd waiting outside.

Always a good sign that the food is on point, we didn't mind the 30 minute wait, especially since they had free coffee out front for those waiting. The decor in Over Easy was adorable, one wall was covered completely in white, plastic eggs.

The menu was just as interesting. Of course we had more coffee once we were seated and then had the difficult task of choosing from their creative breakfast/brunch menu.

They have your standard eggs any way, omelets, scrambles, pancakes, french toast. But they also have some interesting twists like blueberry crunch pancakes that have granola in them. They also have a special menu that changes weekly. My companion and I both happened to order items from that menu. Mine was a take on Eggs Benedict that was served over an English Muffin of course, but also had beets on it. It was really unique, really fresh and really tasty. My companion got an omelet that had ham and some veggies in it, he also commented on the freshness of the ingredients and really enjoyed it.

We were both impressed with the service and the charm of Over Easy so make sure you stop in next time you are in Chicago.

Our second great breakfast find in the Windy City was The Original Pancake House. With several locations around the US, The Original Pancake House is known for their "dutch baby" and their apple pancakes. On of their locations just happened to be within walking distance of our hotel, so we thought we'd give it a try.

They have an extensive list of pancake options, as well as eggs, waffles and crepes. We sat outside which was nice on the lovely morning that we were there. We did not try a "dutch baby" which is extremely large and puffy, it looked delicious but we thought we'd stick with pancakes. I was so intrigued by the bacon pancakes that I could not say no. And they were awesome. It would be difficult to eat a lot of them and they are probably something you only need to try once, but I am so glad I did. If you love bacon (and come on, doesn't everyone?) then you will love them. They are nice, fluffy, airy pancakes, filled (and I mean FILLED) with crispy, beautiful bits of bacon. With just a little syrup they were perfect. My companion opted to go the fruit route, I suppose trying to feel better about his pancake indulgence. He ordered the banana pancakes and they were equally delicious and full of banana goodness.

We left there completely stuffed and did some more walking to try and make those pancakes disappear. :) If you aren't into bacon or bananas you should be shot, no, no, I kid, there are plenty of other options for pancake or other breakfast stuffs at The Original Pancake House so try one of their many locations for yourself:

Friday, June 1, 2012

Purple Pig, Chicago

Wow. In planning our trip to Chicago, I came across the Purple Pig and new immediately by their slogan,  "Cheese,Swine, and Wine" that we had to go. I had great expectations upon going there and was not disappointed. When my companion and I arrived at the Purple Pig we were amazed from start to finish. The place is pretty big and has giant wooden communal tables (for some reason this is big in Chicago, I think a couple of Paul Kahan's places are like that too). We opted to sit at the large bar so we could have our own space. Our waitress/bartender was awesome, totally friendly, fun and guided us through the process so we could have the best experience! Purple Pig's menu focuses on small plates so you can pick and choose and share all the good stuff they have.

A bonus was we could partially see the kitchen area and that was totally fun to watch. We had had pre-dinner drinks at LuxBar (highly recommend) and so we dove right into wine. I believe at the recommendation of our lovely bartender we had a white wine to start us off since our first dishes were vegetables, followed by a fatty dish that would require something to help cut through the fat.

Beets, peas in background
We started with fresh peas with bacon and spearmint. I can't tell you how good this was the peas were sweet and fresh, the bacon salty and fatty and the spearmint was so refreshing and added a brightness to the dish. We also had salt roasted beets with whipped goat cheese and pistachio vinaigrette. I love beets, my dining companion, not so much, but he did try a few of them, he did like the goat cheese. Beets and goat cheese are often paired together and for good reason the earthy sweetness is so good with the creamy, tangy cheese and the pistachios added a nice crunch and flavor.

Yummy Marrow
Next up was by far both of our favorites. Roasted bone marrow with herbs. Nothing is better than a plate with bones on it and that juicy, fatty marrow sitting in there. We used the little knife they gave to dig the marrow out and put it on the crusty, delicious bread they provided. The marrow was listed under the category of "Smears" with other yummy friends like caponata, rillette and foie gras. The veggies we started with were under "Antipasti". Next we moved into "Fried Items" there is bound to be goodness there but there was just one thing that grabbed our attention. Pig's Ear with crispy kale, cherry peppers and a fried egg.

Pig Ear
Ok, get over the shock, now focus. It's not what you picture, I know you are imagining a plate with a giant ear like a dog's raw hide toy. No. This was a thinly sliced, deeply fried, served in a bowl with kale and topped with a fried egg. Mix that all up and you've got supreme flavor. The ear was crispy and yummy, we love kale anyway (EAT MORE KALE) and the egg, oh my.

By now we had moved into red wine. I got so excited with the menu and  I couldn't stop ordering. We moved into "cured meats" and got a lovely dried chorizo. It wasn't greasy at all, it was moist yet had a snap to it, perfect seasoning, just a little spice. I'd say it was a great mid-way point on our food journey.


We ended our journey with two items from the menu category of "a la plancha" or items from the grill. My dining companion was dying to try the sweetbreads and I talked him into the turkey leg confit. If you are not familiar with sweetbreads they are glands from an animal, usually thymus or pancreas. The ones we had were from a pig, yum. They were soft and creamy, perfectly paired with fennel and apricots. The sweetness from the apricots was excellent with the fat from the fried sweetbreads. The turkey leg. Oh my again. My companion didn't want it but I talked him into it and he was so glad I did. You can't go wrong with confit, cooking something slow and low on the bone, there is nothing that beats it. The meat just melted in our mouths. The seasonings was salty and herb-y just what you'd want with a meat like turkey.
Turkey Leg

There are so many choices at The Purple Pig, you can't go wrong and the staff is there to help you out and answer any questions you have. The place lends it self to fun, laughter and getting to know your neighbor, we shared a few items with a couple next to us at the bar and talked food and then also were joking with some people standing behind us who were coveting our seats, we promised they could have them when we got up but that they had to order the pig's ear. What a fun night. We had so much meat we didn't have room for dessert but the list looked awesome. 

So, if you find yourself in Chicago, oh hell, go to Chicago just so you can experience this place, there is no other like The Purple Pig. Amen.