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Friday, May 25, 2012

Places to check out in Chicago (according to Skip)

Looking for something sweet? Apparently Chicagoans like Starbucks even more than us East Coasters, there was one like every other block in Chicago, most likely next to a Walgreens. This was great for my coffee addiction, however if you are looking for a sweet treat, try something different than the 1 million calorie frapp or pound cake at the 'bucks and head to More.

More Cupcakes. Another spectacular place that my companion and I saw on a food show. This cute cupcake boutique displays their delish treats in a glass case like they are jewelry. Each cupcake is beckoning you with it's fluffy icing and a trinket on top to tell you what is inside, like the Bacon cupcake that has a little piece of crystallized, sugared bacon on top? Lovely. I did not chose the bacon cupcake, despite my love of pork, as I had just had bacon pancakes (that's another story for you to look forward to). I instead went with the salted caramel, an amazing vanilla bourbon cake with molten caramel on the inside and a pinch of decorative salt on top of incredibly fluffy icing. My companion got the s'mores which was a chocolate cake, with a marshmallow filling, cinnamon butter cream icing and a toasted marshmallow on top, based on the facial expressions and moans I can only assume it was as amazing as my cupcake.

We were lucky enough that More was around the block from our hotel, if you find yourself in Chicago, seek.them.out.

How about some whiskey? We found ourselves in Chicago during the NATO Summit, there were police barricades, protesters, helicopters and traffic. We were tired, we were hot, we were a little frustrated. What on earth do you do then? You drink whiskey. Well at least Skip and her companion do. We found ourselves at Longman and Eagle to take a load off.

The list of whiskey's, scotch's, bourbon's and rye's at this place was amazing. They had whiskey flights which looked cool, but we were in the mood for something refreshing so our mixologist recommended some cocktails for us. We each had a variation on something called a daisy which is a classic cocktail with whiskey, simple syrup, some flavoring like grenadine and something bubbly like club or seltzer. Mine had some kind of fruit juice in it and my companions had a rosemary syrup in it. I liked his better so for our second round I got that and my companion had the bartender make him something else, I think it had lemonade in it, but after all that whiskey who can keep track? They also had a good selection of craft and local beers so I could not leave without trying one. I had Goose Island (which is a Chicago made beer) which was called Matilda, it is a Belgian style ale, it was refreshing and had unique flavors.

Longman and Eagle does serve food, but we arrived just as the kitchen was closing from brunch (around 3 pm) and before they were ready to open for dinner (5 pm) but they do offer bar snacks and we had a lovely assortment of marinated olives that we chomped on while drinking our whiskey drinks.

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