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Kuma's Corner, Chicago, IL

Lot's of people claim to have found unique places, but there is no place more unique than Kuma's. And if you don't agree, I'll punch you in the face. Oh, sorry, I got a little swept up in the moment there.

Kuma's Corner is a bar/burger joint in Chicago's Avondale neighborhood that has a focus on heavy metal. Yes, you heard me right, heavy metal. But don't let the tattooed staff, loud music and threatening signs (like the die emo die sign taped to the thermostat) scare you from having one of the best burgers of you life.

Kuma's isn't great just because it is a bar that plays heavy metal and serves burgers. It is great because they serve ridiculously good burgers with insane toppings and then name them after heavy metal bands.

In addition to the burgers, they also have some great craft beers on tap. My companion had an IPA, sorry I do not recall where it was from. I had something called Zombie Dust from Three Floyds which is a brewery in neighboring Indiana. It was very nice, it had a refreshing citrus character to it.

On to the burgers, I know you are dying to hear about the burgers!!

So, if  you recall all the burgers are named after heavy metal bands and as my luck would have it one of my favorite bands happened to have a burger named after it that had one of my favorite things on it! The Led Zeppelin burger is topped with pulled pork, pickles, bacon and cheddar. WOW. A burger with pig and more pig. I couldn't resist. My dining companion went with the High on Fire burger which had Siracha, Prosciutto, Roasted Red Pepper, Grilled Pineapple, Sweet Chili Paste.

The burgers a huge. I cut mine in half because I could barely lift it up in one piece. You can choose to have fries, chips or a side salad with your burger. Since we were on vacation, we both ordered the fries, but I could barely touch mine since my burger was so massive. The burger was perfect, full of flavor, they don't just throw some gross, hockey puck on there since they are topping it with so much stuff, they still give you a quality burger. The pulled pork was amazing, I could have eaten a mound of that by itself. They also didn't over do it with the cheddar or bacon, it was just enough to give you a taste of it with the pulled pork and the burger. Oh my goodness! I almost forgot to tell you! They serve all burgers on a pretzel roll! YUM-O! So, my companion's burger was no slouch. The prosciutto was piled on high and was super tasty, the pineapple and roasted red pepper were the perfect sweet and cool contrast to the spice of the siracha and chili paste.

Since it is so super cool, Kuma's gets packed. We got there pretty early (we were starved from our travels) and got a seat at the bar, when we left there was a line out front. Get there early or prepare to wait, but it is worth the wait. 

Many people asked us why we chose Chicago for our vacation. Food. That is why. Places like Kuma's that we've seen on more than one Food Network/Cooking Channel shows that offer a unique experience and delicious food. Take a journey of your own and as always, tell Skip about it!

  2900 W Belmont Ave Chicago IL


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