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Monday, February 20, 2012

Blue Pig Tavern, Cape May, NJ

When my companion and I found ourselves in the Cape May area with another couple and were in need of lunch we ventured to Congress Hall Hotel to eat at the Blue Pig Tavern. Being a lover of all types of pork, I was very excited, only to find that there isn't much pig on the menu.

I found the decor to be typical hotel restaurant and the crowd seemed to be mostly hotel guests. I did find it interesting that the hotel was bustling with guests at the end of January. Given that Congress Hall is a historic hotel, the whole building, including the Blue Big has an old feel too it. The wooden tables and framed photos added to that charm.

Since my party had been to several of the wonderful Cape May area wineries and would be hitting a couple more on the way back we needed a nice lunch to keep us going. The lunch menu had some good sounding burgers and sandwiches. There were a few entrees and salads on the menu as well.

We all set our sites on something filling, my companion being the only one to go for an entree with the steak frites, a grilled flat iron steak with mushrooms and "frites" otherwise known as french fries. My couldn't resist the burgers, and went with the Texas burger with bacon, cheddar, onions and barbecue sauce. The remaining members of our party also went with sandwiches, one with the very interesting, Chicken BLT a grilled chicken sandwich topped with bacon, lettuce and tomato, the other with the Reuben, which should need no description.

All of our lunches came with fries, they were crispy and tasty, but a little too salty. My burger was delicious, cooked perfectly, the onions were nice and caramelized, barbecue sauce was tangy and yummy. My companion thought the steak was great, also cooked exactly to his liking, medium rare. The Reuben looked amazing, bread nicely grilled and the smell of the kraut and dressing, so delicious. The Chicken BLT would have been my second choice if I hadn't gone the burger route, after all the bacon on it was one of the only pig related items on the menu.

Overall, I'd say that the Blue Pig Tavern is a great lunch spot and is in a very charming hotel. If I was staying there I'd probably give it a try for dinner, but the entree menu was not that exciting. The burger was good and it was a great spot for a group lunch pit stop on a winery tour.

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  1. I love the outdoor seating in the summer at the Blue Pig Tavern. I thought the food was pretty good.