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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blue Claw Crab Eatery, Burlington, NJ

My dining companion and I have a few go to places. These are the kind of places that aren't too far from home and we know we'll get a good meal. One of those places in Blue Claw Crab Eatery in Burlington. This place is tiny, but they pack them in! Very casual, full of all kinds of ocean/crab/seafood bric-a-brac on the walls, hanging from the ceiling. You'll be seated at a table (you may have to wait) covered with that brown paper stuff that you use to wrap packages. There will be a roll of paper towels and a bucket on your table as well. 

Blue Claw is BYOB, so with a nice white wine in hand, my dining companion and I headed to off to eat some crabs! Now, there are several options at Blue Claw, they do have other seafood besides crab, like fish, shrimp, and even a seafood platter. We always come for crabs, there are also several options for crabs. You can order a single platter or a platter for two that's meant to share or you can go whole hog and get the All U Cant Eat (AUCE- that's their nickname for it). There is also choice in the type of crab- snow, king, dungeness, and blue claws. You cannot get king crab AUCE and according to the menu you cannot get dungeness AUCE right now due to high prices. Crabs aren't cheap and that is reflected in the prices you see on the menu, but well worth every penny. I have gotten AUCE before, but really usually the snow for one (1lb & 1/2) is enough for me. AUCE comes with fries or hush puppies (hush puppies are awesome).

On this occasion, I ordered the snow for one and my companion ordered the king for one. Both come with your choice of soup or salad and two sides. I chose salad and my sides were broccoli and cranberry applesauce. They have the usual cole slaw, macaroni salad, baked beans but I always go for the veg and applesauce. My dining companion had the same sides as I did, but he went with soup, their spicy Maryland crab soup is really good, tomato based broth, lots of crab and very spicy. Going to Blue Claw is all about the crab for us, it's all business when those giant wooden (picture your grandma's salad bowl) comes to the table. Oh, there are choices as to how you want your crab legs served too, garlic, old bay or just plain steamed, of course we go with just plain to let that beautiful crab shine. Crackers and little forks in hand, we don't do much talking, it's hard work to get into those shells.  Especially those kings with all the spikes on them, for those they even bring you scissors. We take a break here and there to eat some applesauce or drink some water (out of mason jars- adds to the charm of the place).

I think they have dessert, but I don't know, I've never had it! I just go for the crab legs. Just writing this has made me want them! If it made you want them too, then go visit the busy, but friendly staff at Blue Claw and get some NOW!

4494 Burlington Pike (Rt. 130 NB) Burlington Township, NJ 08016 (609) 387-3700

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  1. Reading that made me want some crabs. I got spoiled living in Maryland as there was an abundance of good restaurants that served crabs. I will definitely have to check it out!