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Blue Pig Tavern, Cape May, NJ

When my companion and I found ourselves in the Cape May area with another couple and were in need of lunch we ventured to Congress Hall Hotel to eat at the Blue Pig Tavern. Being a lover of all types of pork, I was very excited, only to find that there isn't much pig on the menu.

I found the decor to be typical hotel restaurant and the crowd seemed to be mostly hotel guests. I did find it interesting that the hotel was bustling with guests at the end of January. Given that Congress Hall is a historic hotel, the whole building, including the Blue Big has an old feel too it. The wooden tables and framed photos added to that charm.

Since my party had been to several of the wonderful Cape May area wineries and would be hitting a couple more on the way back we needed a nice lunch to keep us going. The lunch menu had some good sounding burgers and sandwiches. There were a few entrees and salads on the menu as well.

We all set our sites on something filling, my companion being the only o…

Blue Claw Crab Eatery, Burlington, NJ

My dining companion and I have a few go to places. These are the kind of places that aren't too far from home and we know we'll get a good meal. One of those places in Blue Claw Crab Eatery in Burlington. This place is tiny, but they pack them in! Very casual, full of all kinds of ocean/crab/seafood bric-a-brac on the walls, hanging from the ceiling. You'll be seated at a table (you may have to wait) covered with that brown paper stuff that you use to wrap packages. There will be a roll of paper towels and a bucket on your table as well. 

Blue Claw is BYOB, so with a nice white wine in hand, my dining companion and I headed to off to eat some crabs! Now, there are several options at Blue Claw, they do have other seafood besides crab, like fish, shrimp, and even a seafood platter. We always come for crabs, there are also several options for crabs. You can order a single platter or a platter for two that's meant to share or you can go whole hog and get the All U Cant Ea…

Steakhouse 85- New Brunswick, NJ

So, my dining companion and I arrived in New Brunswick via Train and headed to Steakhouse 85 where we had a reservation. It is really an easy walk from the train station. We arrived and were immediately impressed with the steakhouse feel and charm of the place. The wood panelled walls (the good kind)  gave the place a feeling of history and sophistication. After checking our coats (classy) we were seated at a two seat booth. Our waitress came and introduced herself and offered us water. As we were looking over the menu, my companion decided it would be fun to have pre-dinner drinks, it took a little while to get the waitress back over, but he ordered a martini and I a sparkling grapefruit cocktail. As we continued to discuss the menu, I enjoyed my drink which was a sparkling white wine with grapefruit juice and a sugar cube in the bottom that fizzed as I drank it, it was so much fun! My dining companion was slowly sipping his "85" martini which featured Double Cross vodka an…