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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Redstone Grill, Plymouth Meeting, PA

After some Christmas shopping and the never ending hunt for an "ugly sweater", my dining companion and I were in much need of food and festive relaxation. We decided to try the nearby, Redstone Grill which we had heard of, but never had a chance to get to. Since we were near one we thought we'd take the opportunity to try it. And boy are we glad we did!

The place has such a great atmosphere, big fireplace, huge bar, giant rotisserie ovens all lend to a cozy feeling. Redstone is hip, the kind of place you can come for food or just to hang at the bar. It didn't take long for us to find a festive treat to lift our spirits, we both ordered the holiday special drink, a candy cane martini. It was delicious! We also ordered some homemade pickles (one of a few side dish that can be ordered) they were so yummy, just the way I like them, not too sour and still with that cucumber crunch! I ordered the spinach salad that came with Redstone's famous rotisserie chicken and also had hardboiled eggs, bacon, apples, grapes and nuts. It was really good, I love fruit on a salad, I know it's not everyone's favorite, but I enjoy it. The chicken was excellent, really tender and full of all that rotisserie flavor goodness. The dressing was walnut bacon vinegrette, it was very good and the salad was not swimming in it, there was just enough to coat the greens and add some flavor to the salad. My companion went with a special menu item, lamb flatbread. It was really good, when they say flatbread, they mean flatbread, this thing was cracker thin, not that bubbly stuff other places try to pass off as "flat". The lamb was perfectly season and cooked.

Redstone definitely put us in the holiday spirit! We enjoyed sitting in the big comfy booth, eating, drinking and relaxing after our long day of shopping. For my NJ friends and readers, there is a Redstone in Marlton, but I hope we get one closer, because I could for sure see myself making that a regular stop for food and drink.

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