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Dream Cuisine Cafe, Cherry Hill

My dining companion went to a really cool place right before Christmas called Dream Cuisine Cafe in Cherry Hill NJ, with all the chaos of the holiday season, I seem to have blanked on some of the things we ate. I wish I could remember the specifics, but I do remember that I enjoyed it. So, I'll try to tell you a little about it.

Dream Cuisine has unique atmosphere, it is a small place, so you may want to consider making a reservation. The tables and booths have nice pillows on the bench seats and lots of cool tapestry all around. The night we were there they had live music and that was really enjoyable.

I do remember that we had a great waiter, the kind of guy that takes the profession of waiter seriously. He made conversation with us, had a great attitude and really made our experience there fun.

I also recall that the food had interesting flavors. I had a grilled shrimp appetizer that was served over ratatouille. My only complaint is that for $14, they could have given me more s…

Cork- Westmont, NJ

It's no secret that my companion and I love wine, so when I spotted a place called, "Cork", I knew we had to go. Westmont is a little southern NJ town just past Haddonfield. Cork has there on parking lot and sits back a little off the street, so don't go too fast or you might miss it. The place definitely has a very hip vibe to it, cool modern decor and lots of wine and cork paraphernalia to boot. The bar was more of the happening scene on this Friday night that we were there, but the longer we were there the more the tables filled up.

Because the place had a fun vibe, we were in the mood for a pre-dinner drink, that and we had no idea what we were eating, so it was too soon to order wine! I ordered the Cucumber Cosmo which was Gin, Triple Sec, Lime, White Cranberry Juice a very unique and refreshing twist on my favorite drink. My companion went with the Spicy Lime Margarita Tequila, Simple Syrup, Fresh Lime, Jalapeno because he is always in search of something spicy…

Paleo Pad Thai

Okay, so I neglected to take a photo of this one, but I'll share the recipe anyway and if I make it again, I'll try to remember to take a photo.

1 spaghetti squash, roasted and scraped
1/2 lb to 1 lb of shrimp (depends on servings, I did 2 servings with a 1/2 lb)
1 red bell pepper sliced thin
1/2 onion sliced thin
1 cup green beans, trimmed
2 tablespoons sunbutter
2 teaspoons chili paste
vinegar to thin out the sauce (I just eyeballed it)
juice of one lime
the following spices I added to the sauce per my own taste, again I don't measure so just go ahead and do what you like
garlic powder
chili flakes
nut of your choice (optional)
lime wedges for garnish (optional)

It is a good idea to roast and scrape your spaghetti squash ahead of time, you could even do it the day before and store your "spaghetti" in an airtight container in the fridge.

In this case, I had been at the gym and so I put the squash in a 375 degree oven while I took a shower and put aw…

"Paleo Burritos" AKA stuffed collard greens

I recently discovered another use for collard leaves, a replacement for our old friend known as tortillas or wraps. After removing the stems and taking a quick 3 to 5 minute bath in boiling water they are ready to go. They are more durable than lettuce and fold over a little easier after being boiled. I have used them to make a variety of lunchmeat and grilled chicken wraps recently and then I got to thinking, couldn't I make a burrito out of them? Once I assembled them, it reminded me more of stuffed cabbage than burritos, call it whatever you want, they were still yummy. So, I'll share the recipe with you.

This recipe should be considered a guide and you can change and swap any way you wish.

Approximately 4 collard leaves
1 lb ground turkey
1/2 yellow onion sliced thin
1 green bell pepper sliced thin
1 4 oz can green chiles
1 15 oz can of diced tomatoes
the following spices can be added to your taste (I don't measure)
chilli powder
garlic powder

Stage Left, New Brunswick

New Year's Eve Wine Dinner

What do to on New Year's Eve is always the big question here at our house. And often one we don't start asking until the week before. Most years it involves us going out to dinner, coming home and trying to stay awake until the ball drops. As our food and wine adventures continue to go on and get more exciting, we thought we'd end 2011 with a great food and wine experience.

My dining companion has been dying to get to Stage Left in New Brunswick and we've just never made it there, as there are so many great place on our "to do" list. So, in looking up restaurants that might have nice New Year's menu's, I came across Stage Left's wine dinner. Apparently, this is some what of a regular occurrence at Stage Left, usually featuring the wine maker or vineyard owner presenting their wines over a dinner served by the exceptional staff at Stage Left. For New Year's Eve, one of the fabulous co-owners at Stage Left, Francis…

Redstone Grill, Plymouth Meeting, PA

After some Christmas shopping and the never ending hunt for an "ugly sweater", my dining companion and I were in much need of food and festive relaxation. We decided to try the nearby, Redstone Grill which we had heard of, but never had a chance to get to. Since we were near one we thought we'd take the opportunity to try it. And boy are we glad we did!

The place has such a great atmosphere, big fireplace, huge bar, giant rotisserie ovens all lend to a cozy feeling. Redstone is hip, the kind of place you can come for food or just to hang at the bar. It didn't take long for us to find a festive treat to lift our spirits, we both ordered the holiday special drink, a candy cane martini. It was delicious! We also ordered some homemade pickles (one of a few side dish that can be ordered) they were so yummy, just the way I like them, not too sour and still with that cucumber crunch! I ordered the spinach salad that came with Redstone's famous rotisserie chicken and als…