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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nomad Pizza, Hopewell, NJ

So any of you reading this that have visited House of Skip before, know that my dining companion and I are pizza aficionados. In our quest to find delicious pizza, we have wanted to visit Nomad pizza in Hopewell for a long time. On a night when we had our 11 year old niece we thought it might be a good chance to pop in and try it out.

As a party of three we had about a 25 minute wait, but we took a peak in the nearby store, Twine and also took a walk down quaint Broad St in Hopewell, by the time we came back they called us for our table. We sat at one long table in the center of this small, narrow restaurant between a large party and a couple. Right behind us was the open kitchen with a really cool looking blue tiled pizza oven. The menu is fairly small and features a few tasty sounding varieties of Naples style pizza and a couple of salad offerings. Our niece, who had been complaining that she was hungry stated she wanted a caesar salad and "might have a couple slices of pizza", so my companion and I decided to get two pizzas, the marghertia pizza, traditional with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and basil, we also ordered the Sicilian tuna pizza which had tuna, mozzarella, capers and tomatoes.

The caesar salad came out first and it was quite large, it was a nice presentation of three romaine heart drizzled with dressing served over a crisp piece of bread. While my companion and I thought the presentation was nice, our niece wanted to know they didn't cut it up for us. We tried to explain to her about presentation, but I think it was over her head, just another call me when your 30 moment :). The pizzas came out a short while later and the tuna made such an impression that our nearby table-mates commented that they'd like to know if it was good, this lead my dining companion to offer them a slice, in return they offered us a slice of their 4 cheese with sausage. It was a good trade and everyone agreed both pies were good, well except the 11 year old who refused to try either! haha! One of the nice things about that long table at Nomad's is getting to know your neighbors, that couple was very nice and commented on how well behaved our young guest was.

Now, the child had stated she didn't really want pizza and might have a "slice" after her salad, she proceeded to eat 5 slices of the margherita pie. The pies at Nomad are small, which is good for ordering multiple pies, I was impressed that she liked it enough to keep eating it. The dough at Nomad is thin but soft, it isn't that super-crisp cut the sides of your mouth crust, don't get me wrong I like that too, but this crust was enjoyable. I think the margherita pie could have used a little more basil, but was still good. The tuna pizza was amazing, my companion and I had no problem letting our niece eat most of the margherita pie as we devoured the tuna pie. It had such a unique flavor and the tuna was so great, capers were an added bonus. Our server was super nice and made a point to joke around with our guest, even though most pre-teens find that "corny" it wins points with adults.

We were presented with chocolates at the end of our meal and they were delicious too.You can check out Nomad in Hopewell, NJ or in Philadelphia, or by booking their pizza truck for your next event. You can learn more at

10 East Broad Street
Hopewell, NJ 08525 
(609) 466-6623

If you visit the Hopewell location, be sure to visit their neighbor Twine for some unique gifts and decorations.

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