House of Skip

Monday, November 28, 2011

Jean Bonnet Tavern, Bedford, PA

On a trip to what we thought would be "the middle of nowhere PA" for golf, wine and food, my dining companion and I were quite pleased to find several "good eats".

One of them is the historic, Jean Bonnet Tavern, which has been running as a tavern since the 1760s. The fireplace and charm make it very cozy. The staff is very friendly. The are known for having many beers on tap, but the wine list is a little skimpy, however, they do feature wine from a local winery, Briar Valley .

With a glass of wine each, my companion and I started out our meal by sharing bacon wrapped scallops. I don't think you can ever go wrong with bacon. The scallops were tasty and cooked perfectly, I think the bacon could have been a little crisper, but I appreciate the difficulty in cooking items that have different cooking times. They were still delicious. Our meals came with salads, which came out shortly after we polished off those scallops. For our entrees, I had a roasted pork loin with cranberry cornbread stuffing, carrots and sweet potato fries. The pork was divine, juicy and very flavorful. The stuffing was interesting and tasty, the carrots were simple and plain, which is fine with me, because I happen to like carrots. My companion had one of the specials, which was a duck sausage gumbo with seafood. It was definitely a unique dish and he really enjoyed it. The duck sausage was rich, which was a good contrast to the fresh seafood and veggies in the gumbo.

Even though the desserts sounded wonderful, we passed as we were pretty stuff, they really fill your plate up at Jean Bonnet's. If you ever find yourself passing through Bedford give it a shot, you won't be disappointed by the charm or the food. And they have a cute little cabin craft shop too!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bobby's Burger Palace- Eatontown, NJ

Bobby's Burger Palace is a fun place for a quick bite. Being a lover of all things on the Food Network and Cooking Channel, I've been obsessed with Bobby Flay for years. So, since he has several burger joints here in NJ, I thought it was about time to visit one. My companion and I trekked out to the Monmouth Mall and entered the unassuming Bobby's Burger Palace, which I think is a hip, modern twist on fast food, I've seen other bloggers and reviewers that have thought this wasn't successfully pulled off, I think they are just angry people. The colors are inviting and the seating is unique.

Some people don't like that you order at the counter and then find a seat and wait, I found that fun. Some called it "cafeteria style" but I would disagree with that because you aren't given a tray, your food is still delivered to you at your seat, you just have to order at the counter. Anyway, on to the food.

We were intrigued by the "Burger of the Month" entitled, the Brunch Burger featuring an egg, bacon and cheese, but passed on it because we've had similar burgers before. I went with the Napa Valley Burger which had watercress, goat cheese and meyer lemon honey mustard. It was awesome, the goat cheese was super soft and flavorful and the lemon honey mustard was subtle and added just the right tang to the burger. My companion went with the Philadelphia Burger which had provolone, onions and peppers. He loved it, it had all those classic cheesesteak toppings, the onions and peppers were grilled to yummy goodness. The burgers where really great, we ordered them medium and they were just that, slightly pink, really juicy and just delicious. The bun is just a little unassuming sesame seed bun, nothing fancy, which is good because you can really enjoy the burger and the toppings without it being overshadowed by some crazy bun.

Now, we did not have just burgers alone! We also shared an order of sweet potato fries! OH YUM! They were great and so was the horseradish dipping sauce was amazing. The fries were nice and crispy with a soft, sweet center. Who doesn't love that salty and sweet contrast? We did not have a milkshake (boo) but I hear they are pretty good. Maybe next time.

All in all, I'd say for a quick, inexpensive bite, Bobby's Burger Palace is a good call.

Check them out in Eatontown, Paramus, or now Cherry Hill, they also have locations in PA, NY and DC.