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Blackbird Dining Establishment- Collingswood, NJ

As I headed out to dinner with my dining companion on Friday night, fear struck just as we neared out destination, what was the problem? TRAFFIC. We had not anticipated that the last 2 miles of our trip to Collingswood would take 20 minutes. Thankfully, when we arrived we scored a spot very close to the restaurant and the hostess at the door at Blackbird Dining Establishment, couldn't have been nicer and more forgiving of our lateness for our reservation.Apparently, many other diners had the same trouble, because the place was nearly empty when we arrived and filled up quickly after we were seated.

I had been wanting to get to Blackbird for a while, some trusted sources raved about not only Blackbird but also West Side Gravy, run by the same chef, Alex Capasso. The restaurants share an entrance in their new location in Collingswood, I had read some reviews online that said things had gone south after the move. Having never been there before, we cannot compare the before and after,…