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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Poseidon Mediterranean Bar & Grill Robbinsville, NJ

After much anticipation, Robbinsville finally has a new restaurant to replace the long vacant Santino's. When it opened, my companion and I got there as soon as we could, which was the there first Friday night. The place was packed and without a reservation we were seated in the very crowded bar, but really liked the seat right by the front window. What added to the really crowded feeling in the bar is that is is half the size of the bar when it was Santino's, rather than be the center of the restaurant the bar at Poseidon is smaller and closed off from the main dining room.

Our waitress was busy and completely overwhelmed, we ordered a bottle of white wine and told her to take her time, we drank our wine, put in the order for an appetizer and took in the scenery. When our waitress came back to take our order, we realized she forgot about our appetizer, she apologized profusely and went to put it in right away.

Shortly after that she brought our appetizer over and she apologized again and told us that on top of it being extremely busy (and loud) in there, this was also her first job as a waitress. We told her not to worry and that she was doing just fine, after all the mistakes she made didn't hurt anyone. We were having a nice time enjoying people watching both inside and outside of the restaurant.

Our appetizer was the calamari (we had wanted the combo of calamari and octopus but I don't think she heard us due to the noise, so we ate the calamari without a complaint). It was good, they give you a giant portion too, we could have easily shared this appetizer with two other people, my companion noted that recently we were at a bar and grill and ordered a calamari appetizer for four and it was probably half the size of the one at Poseidon.

On to entrees. I had ordered the sauteed scallops that was served with grapes and veggies, very yummy. The scallops were a good size and anyone who has read previous HOS posts, knows I always want them with a crust on the outside but still nice and fresh when you bite in, these scallops fit that description, no rubbery mess here. My companion ordered the seared tuna and also enjoyed it, again the tuna was a very large portion and he ended up taking some of it home. The tuna was prepared just as he requested, almost rare, with just a sear on the outside. The presentation at Poseidon definitely scores big points, both entrees arrived at the table on long,elegant, rectangular white plates.

We were stuffed, but not ready to leave our cozy corner window table in the bar, so we ordered a couple after dinner drinks and continued to people watch and chat with our waitress. After two drinks we decided we'd better head home as the rain outside that we'd been watching seemed to finally be slowing down.

We thanked our waitress, wished her luck and promised we'd be back. Poseidon is definitely a welcome addition to Robbinsville and I think my companion and I will keep it on the short list of go to restaurants when we want a good meal close to home.

So, be sure to visit Poseidon for yourself. I don't believe they've created a website, but here is how to find them:

2360 Rt 33
Robbinsville, NJ 08691
(609) 223-2749


  1. I wish they had a website! Thanks for the review. Maybe will give it a shot today.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Did you check out Poseidon? What did you think?