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Friday, August 19, 2011

Stace of Cakes, Trenton, NJ

I found myself in the position of not having any lunch today and since the weather turned out to be rather nice, I decided to walk down to the recently opened, Stace of Cakes on Willow St. I had read about them in the paper and became a "fan" on Facebook, so I knew they were serving lunch now.

The place is adorable inside, with bright colors and fancy trinkets, like a metal and glass chandelier and cupcake stands with crystals hanging from them. I was greeted by a kind and lovely lady whom I assume is Stace, but I did not ask. The lunch menu is not large, but has something for everyone. Salads, sandwiches, wraps, I would say, light fare. I noticed something listed as "curried chicken salad" and I didn't know if it was chicken salad as in the kind made with mayo or if it was just curried chicken over a salad, it turns out it could be either and I opted for the curried chicken over salad. She excused herself to go prepare it and I stared dreamily at the cupcakes in t he display case.

While I was waiting the "Stace of Cakes" truck pulled up outside and a man came in, based on the fact that a little voice from the back room said "Daddy's here" I guessed it was Mr. Stace of Cakes. He smiled politely and asked if I was being waited on and I told him I was. I didn't mind waiting for my salad because I knew that meant Stace was taking the time to prepare it fresh for me. When she came back out with my salad she informed me that this came with a drink and a bag of chips. I was astonished as it was only $4.75! I took a water and the bag of chips (even though I knew I wouldn't eat them).

After staring at the cupcakes, I decided that if I was going to try out Stace of Cakes, I might as well sample the item in their name! I asked what kind of special flavors she had today, knowing from the Facebook page that it isn't just chocolate or vanilla. She rattled off a few, but I heard something that appealed to me right away, pineapple coconut. So, a nice size salad, chips, a drink, a cupcake and friendly service for around $8, including a tip, not a bad.

My walk back to the office was a little quicker than the walk there as I was anxious to try my goodies. The salad was a perfect size in a square plastic container, nice crisp lettuce, grape tomatoes, slices of cucumber and red onion, all topped with a delicious curried chicken. I hadn't gotten to the cupcake yet, but it was obvious to me that Stace can cook. The chicken was well seasoned, juicy and very tasty. The whole salad was very fresh and yummy. I rationalized that in addition to my lunch being healthy that the cupcake was also small (no giant sized monstrosities at Stace of Cakes, just normal cupcakes) and so I could give it a go.

I took it out if it's container and pulled back the paper, taking a small bite, but still getting both icing and cake in there. The icing was yummy, with shredded coconut on top and the cake was moist and had chunks of pineapple in it. The icing was very flavorful and not just a sugary paste. It tasted homemade and I think that is the key to success, not some super fancy, showy cupcake, but just one that tastes good and reminds you of something your mom used to make.

I'll definitely be taking the walk back down to Stace of Cakes the next time I find myself without a lunch, though I can't always justify the cupcake. However, based on the taste of that cupcake, I will consider cupcakes and cakes from their for my next special occasion. FYI she needs 2 to 3 weeks notice for a specialty cake.

Oh! And before I forget, they also feature vegan lunch items and vegan cupcakes and they also serve breakfast.

Find Stace of Cakes

11 N. Willow St, Trenton, NJ