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Stace of Cakes, Trenton, NJ

I found myself in the position of not having any lunch today and since the weather turned out to be rather nice, I decided to walk down to the recently opened, Stace of Cakes on Willow St. I had read about them in the paper and became a "fan" on Facebook, so I knew they were serving lunch now.

The place is adorable inside, with bright colors and fancy trinkets, like a metal and glass chandelier and cupcake stands with crystals hanging from them. I was greeted by a kind and lovely lady whom I assume is Stace, but I did not ask. The lunch menu is not large, but has something for everyone. Salads, sandwiches, wraps, I would say, light fare. I noticed something listed as "curried chicken salad" and I didn't know if it was chicken salad as in the kind made with mayo or if it was just curried chicken over a salad, it turns out it could be either and I opted for the curried chicken over salad. She excused herself to go prepare it and I stared dreamily at the cupcakes …