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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Full Moon Cafe, Lambertville

~Originally posted 2/14/09~
If you have ever been to Lambertville, you may have noticed this cute little cafe with all the lunar decorations. They are right on Bridge Street and are usually only open for breakfast and lunch. There is only one occasion for which they open for dinner, a full moon. They recommend reservations, there are quite a few regulars who do not miss a full moon dinner at the Full Moon Cafe, as I found out recently.

I had been to the Full Moon Cafe for breakfast once, I had a fabulous crab and brie omelet, I suggest you try it, even if it was a little light on the cheese, but then again, I love brie. Since a full moon dinner is there specialty I thought I would try it. I invited some old friends to join me there for a bite on the last full moon (February 9th).

I will say this, when I was there for breakfast the service was fast, they are very efficient about getting folks in and out, so don't expect to lounge at this cafe. However, the wait staff are very intuitive and considerate of special circumstances. When I arrived for my full moon dinner, the rest of my party was not yet there, I was seated and the wine I brought, the cafe is BYOB, was immediately put on ice. Upon two of my guests arriving we discovered the last guest would be delayed, our waitress was very courteous about this matter and gave us ample time to review the menu, taking time to explain things to us, as it was our first visit.

On to the food, we started with a salad of mixed greens, tomato and mozzarella, all very fresh and the perfect amount of dressing. For the main course I chose a white fish called Barramundi, it was cooked to perfection, I always worry about it being overcooked and dry, but no worries that night! Other guests with me that evening tried a dish that would have been my second choice, Chimichurri steak with kalamata olives, they told me it was wonderful. With your meal you can choose to sides, I picked (and would highly recommend) the roasted fingerling potatoes and the sautéed spaghetti squash, they also offer brussel sprouts, even though I still don't understand why any one eats them.

The Full Moon Cafe had quite a few tempting desserts, but we decided to pass, others around us seemed to be enjoying the key lime pie and carrot  cake. As I mentioned, they are BYOB and upon making my reservation the hostess took my email address and emailed me the menu one week prior to the full moon dinner so that I could choose a beverage accordingly, I think that is a great feature. I had a fantastic time at the Full Moon Cafe, but I will warn you this, some of the menu items are a little pricey, we paid $5.50 for a pre-dinner salad and some of the other appetizer choices were as much as $9.50 and were not necessarily meant for sharing.

One other thing to remember, if you are not familiar with Lambertville, there is only metered street parking, so make sure you bring quarters.

The Full Moon Cafe is definitely worth a visit:
23 Bridge St
Lambertville, NJ

a list of the full moon dinner dates can be found at

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