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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ajihei, Princeton

~Originally posted 2/9/09

So, I love sushi and there are so many places now to get it in my area. I just found a new great place, or shall I say my dining companion found it, after all, he does most of the research. Ajihei is a sushi place in Princeton, on Chambers Street. You have to go down some stairs to get to it and it is so small, you just might miss it. But I recommend you look hard, because you don't want to miss this place.
The place is tiny, but home-like. There are small wooden tables, no frills here. There is a man behind a counter rolling sushi while you dine, the fish is on display behind glass, it looked really fresh, and it was! We started with wasabi shumai. Now, I highly recommend shumai, those little dumplings are one of my favorites, but if you are not that into wasabi, you may want to get another version. The wasabi shumai at Ajihei will cure any sinus problems you have.
I had a spicy tuna roll and a shrimp tempura roll, both delicious. My companion had a sashimi dinner, which he enjoyed very much, all the fish was really, really fresh. It was a very cold night that we were there and our waitress came over with hot green tea as soon as we sat down and she refilled it often, which was excellent, because it was yummy and I was cold.
If you are looking for the ultra-modern "fusion" type sushi places, don't visit Ajihei. However, if you want to feel like a Japanese family invited you to their house for dinner, then wander down Chambers Street for this basement gem.
Ajihei does not have a website, but here is there address so you can easily find them:

11 Chambers St
Princeton, NJ 08542

Happy dining!

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