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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thai Orchid, Blue Bell, PA

~Originally posted 10.1.09~
On the quest for more delicious thai food, my dining companion and I enlisted the help of a friend. Upon researching several places, it was decided we would all three dine at Thai Orchid in Blue Bell, PA. We arrived at this cute and tiny little place, elaborately decorated with orchids, elephants, and all things gold and shiny. We were very hungry and had great anticipation for fabulous food, based on the fact that they are Zagat recommended. With wine in tow (they are BYOB) we took our seats and admired the decor.

Upon opening the menu, our friend declared, "I want the fortune bags", all jokes aside (I couldn't help it) they were tasty, thin fried pastry shells, tied into a bag filled with chicken, shrimp and crabmeat, served with sweet plum sauce. They were really good and the sauce was also good, a little tangy, a little sweet- that's a good combo in my book. My dining companion went with the Tom Yum soup, which he always gets a thai places, it's a spicy lemongrass and coconut soup with shrimp, lime and vegetable. He said it was salty and not as spicy as some others he's had, but overall he liked it. Since it was a little chilly out, I went with soup as well, I opted for the Thai ravioli soup, because it sounded similar to a wonton soup, it was chicken and shrimp dumplings in a broth with vegetables, the broth was a little bland and could have used more vegetables, but the dumplings were tasty.

For our entrées I ordered Thai Eggplant, which was eggplant sautéed with chicken, peppers and "aromatic herbs" (according to the menu), it was very good, the sauce was light, yet I did sense a little coconut and a little kick of spice. Like many restaurants that serve spicy dishes, the menu at Thai Orchid had asterisks next to them indicating the spice level, my dish had two. Our friend ordered Mussaman curry, which only had one asterisk, and was a red curry sauce with peanut sauce and coconut milk. Despite the fact that it was offered on the menu with chicken or beef, when our friend asked if she could get shrimp instead the waitress didn't even bat an eye, she said it would be no problem. We were all impressed with the ease in which you can make substitutions or special requests. My dining companion ordered green curry with shrimp, which had three asterisks, it was very spicy. And he enjoyed every bite! There was a lot of shrimp in both my companion's dish, as well as the one our friend ordered. We looked at the dessert menu and while it was our friend's idea, she ordered only a thai iced tea for dessert, my companion and I ended up sharing a ginger ice cream. The presentation of the ice cream was great, it is a small scoop, served in a hard chocolate shell with a mango sauce nicely swirled into a design on the plate. The ice cream was good, upon trying some our friend stated it was like "creamy gingerale" and I would say that was an accurate description. It was yummy and light and the chocolate shell gave you just that little taste of chocolate to go along with it, my companion really enjoyed the mango sauce.

So, in review, Thai Orchid is an adorable place, with great staff and wonderful food. Stop by and enjoy  the nice atmosphere and delicious Thai cuisine. And tell them Skip sent you.

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