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Rocky Hill Inn, Rocky Hill, NJ

The Rocky Hill Inn has both a "dining room" and a "tavern", so if you are feeling casual and just want to hang in a bar atmosphere (as my dining companion and I did last night) then you can just mosey in to the tavern and either have a seat at the bar or get a table in the rustic looking tavern.

Recently the magazine, NJ Monthly came out with a list of the Best Burgers in NJ. Rated # one on that list was Rocky Hill Inn, so you know we here at House of Skip had to give it a try.

I have to preface this by saying that the service at Rocky Hill left a little to be desired. I want to get this out of the way before I get into the burger and lose track of what I wanted to say. We waited a long time to place our order and their seemed to be mis-communication or no communication between the staff. We were given water, asked if we wanted bread (to which we replied no), another person came and gave us bread and after we gave in and each ate a piece, another person came over and asked if they could take the bread away (there was one piece remaining on the dish) and all the while we still had our menus and it was clear we'd not seen a waitress.

That aside, I loved the Rocky Hill Inn. It was a nice, casual, rustic looking place where you could have good food in a relaxed atmosphere. When our waitress finally did come take our order, she was very nice. We each ordered a beer, I chose the Sam Adams Summer Ale because I rarely drink beer anymore and I really like that one, always the adventurer by companion chose a beer he'd never heard of called Weltenburger, which was a German beer that was very tasty. We also ordered an appetizer to share, calamari and each ordered the Rocky Hill Burger.

There were a lot of people around us ordering it, I have a feeling the magazine had an impact on that. They also added to the menu "Award winning burger by NJ Monthly". Our beers came and shortly there after one of the confused looking staff brought us the calamari, the calamari at Rocky Hill Inn is breaded with corn meal, we were surprised that there was no sauce to accompany it, but no sooner had a commented on that than the confused boy appeared again with a small dish of sauce. And we are so glad he did! The sauce was the star of the dish, it was vinegar based and very tangy, it had a bit of a sweet and sour flavor to it which was great. The calamari was fresh and good, the verdict may still be out on the cornmeal, it is unique and while the calamari were very non-greasy (a big plus in our book) they were a little dry, though a good dunk in the sauce helped with that. My dining companion (who is a far cry from a chef or even cook) thought the sauce would pair well with a grilled calamari vs a breaded and fried version. I have to agree with him on that one and if I can try to replicate that sauce I may try that one at home, I'll keep you posted. :)

Now, on to the main attraction. Between the departure of the calamari and the arrival of the burgers all we could think about was getting our hands on those burgers.  We watched others come and go and couldn't wait to sink our teeth in. I will make one other note about the service- our waitress came to our table so infrequently that she completely missed us having our appetizer and had even asked the kitchen why it wasn't out yet, to which they informed her we'd eaten it already- we can only assume that she was busy with other tables? Any who, the burgers. I swear bells and sirens should accompany the arrival of these things. Nice to a nice pile of handcut fries, sits this gloriously glossy bun, under the bun is a burger cooked to perfection, seasoned with just salt and pepper, piled high with grilled onions, bacon, cheese, an egg, lettuce, tomato and pickles. My companion and I both grabbed a hold of the burger and sunk our teeth in! It is crazy, but with all that is on this burger, it is not overwhelming, each thing complements the other. The cheese is very light, there is not this big glob of cheese in the way, it is just a nice amount to give it that tangy flavor. The bacon is smoky and crunchy and adds so much to the texture. By far the richest thing on the burger is the egg, the dripping yolk adds a unique taste to the burger. With the bacon and egg my companion questioned whether this was a breakfast sandwich! I must note that dipping the fries in the yolk that had dripped on to the plate was a divine experience too. Finally, the lettuce, tomato and pickle added a fresh and cool component to the burger.

Hats off to the Rocky Hill Inn for a darn fine burger, you are now not only a NJ Monthly award winner but have the stamp of approval from House of Skip. My dining companion and I throughly enjoyed our burger and most of our experience at the Rocky Hill Inn. We would have liked to sit at the bar but it was packed when we came in and packed when we left, I guess that is a good sign. :)

Do you want to taste burger perfection? Get your butt to the Rocky Hill Inn

137 Washington Street, Rocky Hill, NJ 08553
Phone: 609-683-8930
Fax:     609-683-8931 


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